Unearthed: An Exhibition by Sunari Sooriaaratchi


Sunari Sooriaaratchi’s solo Exhibition at the Gallery Voltaire, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Artist / Curator, Sunari

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Sunari, Congratulations ????!
I am truly happy and proud of you, to find you painting, in to your life as a curator, having completed your degree in Fine Art at Monash, which is very creditable????

Unearthed, is what it is – an Exhibition in retrospect, showing some of your work that has brought you to where you are today. And more!?

We see how you have developed as an artist?‍? from your primary years when you first started to paint?, as only but a kid❣ You may have been just five years old.

You showed great prowess in your creativity in general, but in painting and artistic fervour specifically.

The many post cards exhibited and many sold, is an achievement in itself. Especially, when you are painting, involved in the production of the paintings, hanging them up, curating and entertaining your guests on opening night, which was yesterday, 24th February 2018!

It’s no wonder that those who came to the exhibition were impressed by her “eclectic style”; the ability to paint in many ways.

Keep working at your pictures and producing the gorgeous clay installations, and other work to come, Sunari?

We look forward to more from you soon??

The exhibition which started on 21 Feb 2018 will go on until 03 March 2018.


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