Hot Cross❌ Buns

Home Cook: Sharmini Jayawardena

In the run up to 30th March 2018, which was Good Friday, this year, I wound up making exactly 52 hot cross buns! I think it’s an achievement for some one who made them for the first time😜

We shared them with numerous friends of ours, but ate up the most of it ourselves. They were so very yummy🤤😋❣and also filling.

This melt in the mouth👄 dough recipe for hot cross buns was adapted from a recipe by Jo Cooks via Pinterest.

Instead of rum to soak the raisins in, I used whisky🥃 and with one batch instead of raisins I used sultanas.

Having read📖 this article about how efficacious a saved bun is, for if you find yourself taken ill🤧🤒😷, for which a bit of it will do, I saved one myself. It is also supposed to protect your kitchen from fires and make all breads turn out perfectly, which I can vouch for, so far😚 It is good to be taken on travels (sea voyages, as they say), for protection from shipwreck, back then☺ It will keep like this without turning mouldy, until the following Good Friday, which is in one year, when you can replace it with one from your fresh batch of buns😉

This is my saved bun, which I hung in the kitchen, in a bag of cotton cloth I made myself, for the purpose.

Here’s the recipe –


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