My Visit To Werribee Park Melbourne Australia

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I visited Werribee Mansion, Werribee Park (Wikipedia), on 25th May 2017, nearly an year ago😲 It was a treat, even though I was not able to enter the portals of the Mansion since it was closed to the public at the time I got there, around three in the afternoon.

Map 🗺 on how to get there, here.

Today, I’m sharing my visit in pictures, of the beautiful grounds surrounding the Mansion, and in particular, the gorgeous rose🌹 garden belonging to the Mansion.




It was in the grotto that the Werribee family were served tea by a butler during the winter.

The grotto walls are decorated with shells🐚 and other curios including the teeth of the Werribee children👶😲😊😍


The roses🌹🥀 totally captured my heart❤, even in the throes of autumnal🍂 weather❣

And here they are:




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