A Requiem: Anthony Bourdain

In the Spotlight


It is with deep regret and sadness 😞😔😢 that I read about the passing, so unexpectedly, of this dear celebrity chef, “culinary superstar”, travel and lifestyle writer, TV personality, extraordinaire😭


I was taken through different cultures, tasting the unknown in food and events and personalities, watching your many TV shows.

That was a time before I got too involved in work myself, and I watched with eagerness and looked forward to seeing you doing your antics on A Cook’s Tour, Parts Unknown, No Reservations, Layover and the last show I watched you on, with Nigella Lawson – The Taste🍽 (Wikipedia).

Anthony Bourdain in Malaysia

I used to think how wonderful it would be if some day I could actually meet you and tell you how fascinating and amazing you truly are at what you do❣

Alas😢 It was not meant to be😞

I know you are in the best of places right now, for all that you are, have given us, and of yourself to this planet💌

None can match your unique sense of humour and sagacity!

We miss you deeply and our loss is beyond!

May you Rest In Peace ✌

And John Lennon sings Imagine on Smoothfm 95.3 Sydney’s Mellow Music!


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