Hey All,

Here are uninhibited, unbridled, unabashed expressions of thought, to excite your senses; opening up new vistas for you. Move beyond words, step outside the lens, shift to an unknown decibel maybe, discover taste buds anew, feel the reality of being tactile.

As the leaf catches the rays of the Sun and produces food in the process of photosynthesis,we bring you countless thoughts to rekindle your need to breathe.

These are new spaces to hang out in, to live out raw and traverse the untrodden.

LEAF is for persons of all persuasions to experience and share in an atmosphere of ultimate explosure.

The Blogazine will be out with the latest in shifting paradigms on burning topics in Unfinished Business; This and That with ramblings on some goofy aspect or other that floats around; and in Odd Bods, something health-wise.

Our very own Gournome crawls to restaurants for delish experiences!

Wanderlust takes us on adventures capturing the exciting simplicity and the hauntingly unknown.

You can bask in the strange ambience of ArtSpace.

In the Spotlight, covers chats with interesting people wherever we can find them.

Going on to Sport, where we’ll take in this subject in our own special way.

A Story, The Poet, by Vincent Poturica, takes you through a psychiatric facility and beyond…


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Sharmini Jayawardena