Inside My Sketchbook


By Sunari Sooriaarratchi

I have kept innumerable sketchbooks over the years, yet they’ve not lost their novelty. The meditative solace and space they provide me with is profound. It is a space I truly value.

Drawing is a practice that assists any other practice, particularly painting and sculpting. Through improving focus and understanding of form that comes through the practice of drawing, one’s other artistic pursuits inevitably benefit. Painters will find their lines improved, sculptors will find that 3-dimensional objects come to life far better with drawing than without it.

My drawings tend to be simple line drawings, although at times I go into more detail. At other times, when the fancy takes me, I delve into the whimsical world of abstraction through shape and colour. Other objects pictured grow in my garden or live within my home. One of them, sadly is of a dead bird I found in the grass with no sign of what caused him to fall out of the sky. Other things reflect weird finds from my new environment by the sea, which I am loving. I hope you will enjoy a look into my most recent pages.

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