Celebrating a Birthday or Not

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Hi Everyone,

If you are wondering what two colourful masks are doing here, this is how they made their way to this page.

I was aiming for an edible printed cake with the Blogazine’s logo printed on the face of it, for Leafblogazine’s 3rd birthday on 23rd September!

However, I decided to create a card for the birthday, and gave the task over to Sunari. She’s so busy these days, though she reluctantly agreed to do it provided I kept reminding her of it 😄

I decided I would use the whisk that African leaders carry, thats right, Sunari promptly added, “fly” to whisk and the stroking with the fly whisk became the mode of reminding her, however remotely it was done 😀😃😄.

Every once a week, up until the day she came up with the finished card, I would keep sharing an image of a different fly whisk to her, reminding her about making a card for Leafblogazine!

Upon further research I found out that the fly whisk was mostly a Maasai accoutrement, carried as a symbol of authority or as a status symbol, if you will 😄.

Here it is once again 😀😃😄.

Here are some of the more awe-inspiring, prestige evoking fly whisks that made their way in to the Blogazine ☺️:

Apart from the few good laughs we had on account of the fly whisk and the discovery of its multiple “powers“, we concluded it would make for a great wedding 👰 🎩 anniversary gift 🎁 💝 . Especially if the gift was given by one partner to the other 😀😃😄. No prizes here for guessing what purpose it would serve 😜.

That being said, one of us who actually rejected the idea of getting an edible printed birthday 🎂 🎁 🎈 🍰 cake, the ratio decidendi, (the reason for the decision), being, that the Blogazine was not a person, was absolutely wrong. Anyway…

While surfing through images of printed cakes, I stumbled upon this Dr Strange edible image cake! YES! Just a few days ago a colleague had likened ‘Mr Reject’ to Dr Strange, of Avengers fame, as, he went through life, relatively unfazed 😀😃😄!

I immediately shared the image of the cake with him. 😀😃😄

For, how strange it was for me to stumble upon a Dr Strange edible printed cake when talk about printed cakes was fraught around the place 😂. Not forgetting our own Dr Strange 😁

We are already having a fun pre-birthday scenario here. Wait for until it’s D-Day, when who knows what will transpire 😄.

Btw, I need to make mention of the wild almond tree 🌳 I planted as a part of Leafblogazine’s birthday celebrations, 🎂 🎁 🍰 🍾 🎉 🎊, last year, 2019.

Here it is growing tall and strong 💪!

Wild Almond Tree

All’s well that ends well! Sunari came up with two clay masks 🎭 instead of a card. The masks were designed and created by her in the kiln of her artist’s studio. What better representatives could there be to celebrate three years of Leafblogazine’s active existence, on this day, 23rd September 2020!


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