Poem – Untitled


18th July 2017 – Allowable deficit above the ambient sound to gauge the sound limit inside trains.

Australian Gold Kangaroo, American Gold Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Suddenly u cross my heart by Terence Trent-D’arby
Tracey Champman
Andre 3000
K D Lange

7.00/22nd July 2017

I met a stone mason
who was a poet n
a rock enthusiast,
music I mean
a butcher a baker
a candle stick maker
a gay n bi couple
an incestuous gay couple
a photographer
a blog writer
a theatre owner
who was a film
script writer
a rock band
a playwrite n players
child singers
n the child sound engineer
who topped it all.

All in six weeks!
All in the fringe!

(No I ain’t talking about art
or artist
who gave me True hell
on earth.
Actually it ain’t worth
a mention here.)

In another
mo salubrious place
I luk out n down
thru this awesum spot
in the sky
where I’ve lived
these two weeks
on a market popping up –
Killibiri market!

I’m listening to the radio
I listened to
while in Sydney
for a smooth life
now from my home
in the tropics.

It’s an Awesum feeling
for a few days I would awake
thinking I’m still in Sydney
But no
I’m here
In KL Malaysia
Definitely missing
It has a beautiful ambience
most of all
a truly laid back
Aussie ambience
“No presumptions”
as a friend said

Yet it reflects true opulence
the yachts the cruisers
gondolian boats
with shiny lites
at nite
taking a slow ride
in the Harbour waters
the view from
the apartment
is scenic
the sky changes
giving different
back drops
to this landscape
for anyone adept
at capturing it.

It abounds in merth n
a certain beautiful peace
like my fairy is flying around
me n about me n I’m
feeling real fine!

I go with my fairy
to the Secret Garden
around the corner
from my bro’s cool digs
n I have a picnic lunch
myself n my fairy
my back pack
full of a thick book
which I read as I
enjoy the garden
with its trees plants
n leaves moving to
the breeze
pleasant feeling
of togetherness.

28th July 2017
By Sharmini Jayawardena
Photos by Sharmini Jayawardena

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