Here’s Who We Are


I am Sharmini Jayawardena, founder/writer/editor/poet @

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Language from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, with experience in advertising copy-writing with Minds Bozell Pvt. Ltd.

My passion to bring out a magazine together with other writers and artists took off the ground finally, and here I am.

I am a writer, editor, poet, political essayist, journalist and reporter, and have the following books published to my credit:

Wet Paint, (a collection of poems), Minerva Press, London.1998. ISBN 1-85863-872-0

Encryption A Novella. Self published in Malaysia. 2012. ISBN 978 – 967 – 11427 – 0 – 7

ebooks and e-publications of these and other work of mine are in the pipeline.

I draw inspiration and energy from many English writers and poets, and others whose work have been translated into the English Language. The presence of two greats, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Edgar Allen Poe adorns my upcycled and repurposed credenza.

My most favourite creative people of all time being poets William Blake and Geoffrey Chaucer, followed by playwrights William Shakespeare  and Euripides.

Here’s  a favourite poem of mine by Blake –


I was editor of Options, the journal of the Women and Media Collective, based in Sri Lanka, and founder/editor of the Kelaniya University’s magazine, BLINK, which continues to be in publication.

My work is published in other publications including reviews by writers on my own work, in journals, newspapers, TV and radio.

I managed my own dehydrated fruit and vegetable company prior to having taken ill in 2008.

Cooking, baking, growing and tending plants, making fairy dwellings and miniature fairy items, watching movies, taking pix, reading, writing and most of all taking a listen to radio music, are my favorite pastimes. Making journals have become a favorite hobby of mine of late. This possibly having to do with my love of books.

The posts to the Blogazine have been planned and written entirely from my smartphone since 2017, with the use of a notebook app.  A gift of this handsome gaming computer last year has seen much of my work been done from here lately. Acquiring a sewing machine has lead me to thinking of putting it into good use in the making of my journals.

My future endeavours will be updated to this page as I go along.

Sunari Sooriaarratchi is our creative consultant, with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, under her belt.

She is artist/illustrator/writer/photographer @

Sunari is experienced and talented in numerous areas such as creative writing, music, singing, acting, radio, TV, including working as an advertising copywriter at Rethink, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and at Saatchi and Saatchi, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

With all of her many talents, Sunari being a powerhouse of potential and energy, is as her former boss put it: “A True Asset”!

Sunari was the curator at Gallery Voltaire, 14, Raglan Street, North Melbourne, 3051 Victoria, Australia, during the period January 2017 to January 2019.

She is presently,

Founder and Principal:

ASCA, Australian School for Creative Arts.
6-8 Skye Road,
Frankston 3199,

Sunari is also gallery founder and gallery owner @

Sumiitra Sooriaarratchi, writer/illustrator/photographer for
is our in house web developer. He holds a Bachelor of IT (AI), from Wawasan Open University, Penang, Malaysia. Sumiitra Sooriaarratchi was a Team Lead at Grab.

He is presently Team Lead at Food Panda, Malaysia.

Sumiitra has varied experiences in banking and tech start-ups.

He played rhythm guitar with the band Skies Are Red, a Malaysian rock band and is a fervent fan of rock music. An environmentalist, he is a political animal, among other matters!

Sumitra speaks Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Vietnamese, Sinhala and Thai apart from being literate in the English language.

In addition he is a painter. His success in doing his own business painting T-shirts for rock bands in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is noteworthy.

He’s a sports person, being primarily a basketball player, and also loves to cook.

Sumitra and Sunari are responsible for
coming into fruition just as much as I did.

Our other contributors –

Rudham Gammampila – Executive Director at Aritton in Melbourne, Australia, is an ardent sports aficionado, golf and cricket being his fortes.

Pham Thi Diem Thu (Athu), is a home cook par excellence whipping up all sorts of delightful dishes in the Leaf kitchen, Vietnamese cuisine being her specialty.

Vincent Poturica is Associate Professor of English at Mendocino College, Ukiah California, U.S.A.

A professional photographer, Prakash Daniel, works with the Star Newspaper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

So there you go, ourselves in a nutshell.