Religion and the Antithesis

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I’m not referring to the antithesis as in Communism which has been, ever since its’ emergence and later, become nothing but  a fascist nightmare.

I’m talking of what organized religion has done to demoralize and subjugate the modern day human and left him/her oppressed and suppressed. He has done nothing to extricate himself nay liberate himself from its clutches and strangleholds, having been amply equipped with for doing so for long and with all the tools necessary to do so being within his command!

Amazing isn’t it that this Man or Woman who was either created or evolved (let’s talk about that later), has been through the Dark Ages the Reformation (in Europe and Britain) the Industrial Revolution and now the Age of Communication via the Internet and the Web and now embarking upon the Age of Technology, has remained shackled or imprisoned by his fear of the hereafter like forever.

He has done nothing to address the most important issue facing him! Instead of which he has proceeded to wage war and violence, yes, war and violence, against each other for exactly that which he believes is his redeemer and protector albeit  an ultimate vehicle of deliverance either to the portals of an imagined Heaven or Nirvana!

Somehow they have all been comically made to believe that if they killed and out numbered each other or that if they increased their congregation/flock or what you will, their numbers, they will some how make it to these higher echelons for some weird and absurd reason.

The sad reality being that none of the main religions governing and ruling over her and her mind, i.e. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism nor Buddhism has freed her from this maniacal thirst for blood! And all in the name of Almighty God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma or the Buddha. The numerous other branches of these remain but a minority.

The bottom line reason for this being the dire need for gaining and harboring wealth!

The Pope who’s the head of the Catholic Church is said to be the richest man on earth today, with the Vatican, his domain being the richest ‘Principality’! They tread the face of this earth with absolute and utter impunity just because they are given ‘protection’ by the Catholics and that of the boundaries of the Vatican. In recent times this Vatican and its harbingers are also exposed as being involved in child sex and child porn. Would it not be sooner when they will be accused of other vices/crimes like drug trafficking and arms trafficking and the like as well. Whether they will be or not all these criminal activities go to support each other.

Islam is yet another hoax propounding violence against humanity! The highest crimes as stated in the United Nations Charter if not the simple rules governing the general principles of every law are ignored or violated in order that they may survive and their religion may thrive.

Latterly, we see a different face to it where they are involved in the mass killings and massacres of their own men women and children belonging to their different sects. Just as the Christians did previously in their fights between the Catholics and the Protestants. Not forgetting the ever ongoing discrimination perpetrated against the Mahayana and Theravada sects in Buddhism especially in Sri Lanka. This is shameful as Buddhism is a predominantly nonviolent way of life and not even a religion to begin with. Similarly the Hindus are forever at war against the Muslims and the Sikhs in India.

All this is done with the connivance and acquiescence of the State and the Churches, Mosques, Synagogues or Temples in every country!

Look at Myanmar with a woman Aung Aan Suu Kyi at the helm of a Theravada Buddhist country massacring its Islamic population today as we speak! Indira Gandhi  another woman leader in India who waged war against her minorities in days past or the Jews of Israel who sort to wipe out the Palestinian people to extinction today.

These are the ugly realities of the petty and puny little pea brained people of this world!

The answer to living a valued and purposeful life on this earth is LOVE!

I find the answer in my radio playing Love is All You Need by The Beatles! Isn’t it simply awesome to be able to live our lives with love and love alone.

Competition in every way is already made out dated and out mode-d as emulated in the lives of the likes of Peter Thiel and Elon Musk and the new age men and women. Instead of competing with each other you should strive to compete with yourself.

These so called organized religions have failed us all immeasurably and direly. They have all but proved to be wasteful and shamefully loathed tools for existence.

Even if there actually were people like Jesus or the Buddha or Mohamed or the pantheon of Greek/Roman/Hindu gods or a Yahweh or the numerous other figures ‘worthy’ of worship, they have all been rejected rendered redundant by the mislead folly of all you belligerent and violent people out there, who claim to follow them.

Why do we sought to find Heaven in a hereafter which we are not even sure exists.

I asked this of a bunch of rabid Islamists. The answer they gave me paled in the face of my argument presented to them. i.e. I asked them to prove that they had seen heaven or hell for themselves or even had personally experienced the power of god or Allah feature in their own lives. They said they didn’t have the command of the English language and put me on to an Anglo-Saxon convert who too couldn’t match my argument sadly.

A religion worth while should offer you something here and now not make you do all sorts of horrible stuff that you do not enjoy doing in the first place denying yourself of everything that is beautiful and enjoyable on this planet.

Everything is here and now people not in the fake and fraudulently promised hereafter.

If you live like you have no tomorrow, believe me you, you will choose to live a life worth living in every way.

So buckle up buttercup for one life of one love for each and every one of us.

I believe these references to heaven and hell and a nirvana are all references to galaxies or universes out there which we have yet been unable to even contact just because we are totally on the wrong footing. To begin with, our perception is limited to our sense faculties for the most part.

Work on Love Love Love and just think what a load of positive energy that will bring us!

“Love is all you need” people!

I leave you with the song  Imagine by the late great John Lennon 

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