Update: Making That Change Happen


Bees at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia

By Sharmini Jayawardena

“France has recently decided to ban a number of neonic pesticides like Confidor because of the harm they do to bees. And hundreds of thousands of us are pushing the European Union to decide on an historic ban on those pesticides across the Continent.”

“In the US over 700,000 SumOfUs and Friends of the Earth members campaigned relentlessly to pressure Home Depot and Lowes – America’s two biggest hardware stores – to drop all neonic pesticides from their shelves.”

“And together we won! Both mega-retailers phased out all neonic.

We can do the same in Australia.”

“Thankfully the full-fledged crisis that has swept through bee populations in the rest of the world hasn’t yet hit Australia in quite the same way.”

“But experts believe it’s only a matter of time before it does. That’s why it’s so important that we do everything we can to protect the bees in Australia so we don’t end up facing the same mass die-offs seen in other parts of the world.”

“And that means it’s time to get tough on retailers like Bunnings that are knowingly profiting from harming bees.”

So don’t delay:act now for the bees and demand Bunnings pull off Confidor from it’s shelves.”

“Thanks for all you do.”



(In an email from) Nick, Kat and the team at SumOfUs (on 6th January 2018)

“The heat is on on the street”*, People!…and counting…

*From the song recorded by Glenn Frey for the American film Beverly Hills Cop, written by Harold Faltermeyer and Keith Forsey. 

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