The Skylanders, Spitfire Cake 🎂🍰

Sunari at work in the making of Spitfire


By Sharmini Jayawardena (with assistance from an artist)

Made by me and created by Sunari, this cake was a true challenge! Everyone who heard about this cake project in 3D, said to us: “ok, send me a picture when you’ve done it”!

We went into action with my baking more than four butter cakes and many bowls of frosting for the project.

Find the recipe for cake and frosting here.

Sunari being the true sculptor she is, sculpted her way through and decorated the entire Spitfire, which came out stunning.

The Spitfire being Dineth’s Birthday Cake, turned out fantastic with everyone swooning over it, in the end.

It was one of the reasons I made my way to Melbourne. I told my grandson the birthday cake of a standing of his fave Skylanders, character, Spitfire, will be his when I got there. And, it did!!

Dineth was thrilled❣


Of course, it would never have come into fruition if not for Sunari and her exceptional skills at sculpting and creating!

So, as Dineth’s best buddy’s mum said: “three cheers, gals”!

Here’s who Spitfire is.
“Spitfire was on a pace to become the fastest driver in the Super Skylands Racing Curcuit.
With his lightning quick reflexes and nerves of steel, this tech enhanced flame spirit was absolutely unbeatable. But during the championship event at Skywinder Canyon, he was illegally bumped off by a goblin racer and sent flying into the canyon wall in a fiery explosion.
Most thought that this would put an end to his racing career. But three weeks later, he was back on the track, more fired up than ever to claim the title. Unfortunately, it was then that all of Skylands fell under the rule of Kaos in his Sky Eating Machine, and the racing came to an end. That’s when Spitfire was approached by Master Eon with an offer that could get him back behind the wheel as the new leader of an elite driving team – The Skylander Superchargers!”

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