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By Sharmini Jayawardena

Arise Sir Ringo! Beatle Knighted at Buckingham Palace | ITV News

“RINGO: Going on the Palladium was amazing for me because, years before, the Eddie Clayton group and I would rehearse in the living room in our house and my mother’s best friend, Annie Maguire, would always say, ‘See you on the Palladium, son. See your name in lights.’ So I always wanted to play there, to get on that roundabout stage.”

“RINGO: We came through show business. Bands don’t have to do that now – they can come through rock’n’roll. We had to go through the Shirley Bassey school, that was our battle. We could never have done the Palladium unless we’d have put the suits on. The real change of our clothes and our attitude was through our musical progression.”

“In your twenties you’re just rolling, you feel that anything is possible; there’s no obstacles. If they are in your way, you’re determined to knock them down.”

John, Paul, George and Ringo were the Fab Four – The Beatles ❣

“JOHN: We were the first working-class singers that stayed working class and pronounced it and didn’t try to change our accents, which in England were looked down upon. The only change was our image.”

“GEORGE: At the time, there was a clique of people who were the stars and they were basically conformists; the ones who played the game, the usual onslaught of the uninspired. If you look at the list of people who appeared on these things, it read like the Grade or the Delfont Organisation (the big London agencies); it was all their gang.”

“PAUL: People were saying, ‘Doesn’t it drive you mad, all these girls screaming?’ We didn’t mind it, because sometimes it covered a multitude of sins: we were out of tune. It didn’t matter – we couldn’t hear it, nor could they.’”

Beatlemania went hand in hand with Beatle hair, Beatle boots, Beatle everything and of course drainpipes which were the inimitable pants👖 they introduced to the scene and wore to our utter content.

John writes this stuff we wrote in our friends’ Autograph Books ❣

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