Major Disease Uncovered In The Human Psyche by A Group Involving Paleontologists!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

According to Reuters a group of psychologists and paleontologist have discovered a terminal disease connecting the human genome to that of their distant fossil cousins. This may lead to a serious turn around of events in the growth progress in the human, humongously!

This genome named Animonhumosaurus – W, has kept the group of scientists at work 24/7 for days trying to stop the spread of this amoeba like entity that multiplied as it invades the human, mostly in the brain🧠‼

They say, we can only hope for and wait until the total annihilation of this genome is being attempted at the University of Viconsin, even as we speak or read.

The most daunting task facing the group is that of stopping it’s spread as it mutates seamlessly as humans engage in their most normal and ordinary of daily mundane activities.

So, keep a close check on your usual activities and try your best to make every act both mental and physical, as unusual as possible, the good doctors advice.

The more unique and over-the-top way in which you decide to turn your life around the better the chances of evading this killer, they have discovered in their findings, so far.

Keep it here for more updates on this phenomenal of all phenomena to attack humans and cyborgs alike, in their psyche, most importantly ‼

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