Team India❗️Shame, Shame, Shame‼️

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Two Indian athletes from Kerala state have been ordered out of the Gold Coast Comm Games 2018, by the Commonwealth Games Federation❗Well done ✅

The Federation says: “When the Commonwealth Games Federation says no tolerance, the Commonwealth Games Federation means no tolerance.” Beautiful ❣

The Australian Anti-doping Association (ASADA) must be lauded for their good work and timely action taken.

We need to keep the Games clean and we are not about to see some low downs try to come in the way of maintaining that goal 🥅

Both athletes have been removed from the athletes’ village and their accreditation suspended.

The Indian Commonwealth Games Federation has been told to send both athletes home on the next available flight.

Good riddance of bad rubbish!

Commonwealth Games 2018: Two Indian athletes kicked out after needles found | The Courier-Mail

The disappearing Cameroonian, Rwandan and Sierra Leon athletes are a disgrace to their respective countries to say the least.

These countries are economically poor countries that send these athletes to win for their nations on their people‘s money, which they can ill afford.

They need to be doubly reprimanded, by the Australian authorities who will flush them out once their visas expire on 15th May 2018, and by their countries when they return back!

Return back they will‼

All these athletes must be severely dealt with for contravening the many laws they have dared to contravene.

Let this stand as an example for others never to follow.

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