This Fossil Government, Its’ Dangerous pH Level, And The Taik Berak Factor

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Ok, the recently elected government of Malaysia, is no doubt full of fossilized heads, starting with its’, MM‼ That being it’s ancient PM, voted in by a bunch of air heads‼

He says, the country doesn’t need the High Speed Train because it only saves a person, one hour‼ One hour may be nothing for him who has robbed the youth of their energy to get there, which makes him nothing but an energy thief to begin with‼

(Being a fossil, I guess time has no meaning to him anymore).

Today’s scientific research has indubitably concluded, train travel to be the latest mode of the utmost convenience and sustainability, in every way‼

Air travel is already a thing of the past, on its way out. For one thing we waste loads of time and energy getting to airports, more time wasted walking in airports trying to get to that not so safe airplane , not even sure you will reach that destination‼ In effect air travel is a worthless out-moded fossil, with a huge burden on the environment and the planet‼

So, while train travel has come to be in the rest of the world, Malaysia is going backwards by fossil years, nay, fossilized years, with this backward thinking of a group lead by and is willing to be lead by the noose, by a fossil himself. A dinosaur to be exact‼

Denying high speed train travel to Malaysians and tourists and the business community, being only the tip of the iceberg‼, considering the numerous other ways in which they are far behind times‼*

This, in every word, is a no go♂️ government‼

Here’s why MM is getting paid for taking Malaysia backwards at least by a 65 millions years, by the Catholic church⛪ and other Christian churches, so that their countries can be pushed ahead of Malaysia‼

Here’s Clark City, Manila, The Philippines for you‼

Now, on to the pH level:

Those of us who are aware of the scientific use of the pH (Wikipedia), will know what this litmus test does to testing the acidity or not of everything on this planet‼

Well, the addlebrained and senile thinking, bordering on dementia, have come up with this term to name their political coalition, of which initials are PH‼

What has happened here now is that the PH has gone overboard with acidity, leading to inflammation, which can cause one or all of the many terminal diseases starting with the deadly, Cancer☠

The other diseases being – Autoimmune diseases, Autoimmune hepatitis, Systemic lupus erythematosis, Rhuematoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, to name a few.

“An autoimmune disease is a condition in which your immune system attacks your body.”

Further, the senile ‘doctor’, MM, also having stripped the country of its Council of Professors, meaning, no more will they be affording the disease stricken with new research with which to treat their many diseases‼

Just imagine the colossal misdirection this ‘doctor’⚕️ has got its supporters into‼

In other words, the Pakatan Harapan has got itself into a mess, and such an Eaton Mess, that no one will even need to or bother about bringing them down, wasting their time and energy.

They are bringing themselves down and will continue do so even as we think‼

This complete destruction will take place from numerous angles, that being, from within, through Disease – physical as well as from within the body politic‼

This is why Barisan National is looking on in absolute calm and cool‼

You people wonder at and dare to ridicule it’s calm, don’t you⁉, you sad, misguided, dishonest and corrupt lot, that you are‼

Anyway, it’s too late for the lot of you who brought this disease giving instrument into power, whereby you have sworn to your own corrupt and dishonest ways, to put it mildly.

Now, for the taik berak factor –

This is how your inane corruption and dishonesty all around, in attempting to knee jerk and strong arm a political party that is genuine in bringing prosperity and well being to the country, in every way possible, will pan out‼

The overt symptoms being none other than:

Taik berak‼ Diarrhea, in other words, will follow you everywhere you go, even preventing you from going anywhere at all, except of course, going to the tandas or sewer, i.e.‼

Where you belong‼ You bunch of sewer rats‼ (An insult to the rat, there).

Then watch how the Games go on with no doctors to help you, with over pouring “tand-asses”, worse still, with sore butts that will prevent you from sitting at all, if at all.

Don’t look to us‼ You very willingly and happily brought it all upon yourselves, you sickos‼ You sick sadomasochist bunch, that you are‼

Now suffer‼

JOSE FELICIANO ~ Guantanamera ~

*1.Appointing a council of elders who are only capable of working themselves to the grave‼ – Giving them the misleading term – Eminent persons‼

2.Attempting to swindling the People by forming a fossilized crowdfunding plan, presumably to fund the country’s economy‼ Where in the hell did crowdfunding ever make the economy of a country work⁉ Or will ever work‼

3.Taking the country back millions of years to the dinosaur age, by cheating the people into believing that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the outgoing premier, is a common thug, a fossilized mind and a corrupt bum, like himself – MM‼

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