FLORIQUINALONES – Has the Medical Profession in league with BigPharma and the Deep State…

By Sharmini Jayawardena

…effectively worked to suppress and systematically ‘weed’ out the close to perfect humans of this planet? The humans I’m talking about are all most all, very active, mountain climbers 🧗🏽‍♀️ 🧗‍♂️, skiers⛷ 🎿, skaters 🛹, kayakers, runner 🏃‍♀️ 🏃, and on and on!!!


I am Sharmini Jayawardena, and I’ve been getting closer and closer to the horrific atrocities committed against individual men and women in their prime and best of health, being dosed with Floroquinalones. The more I speak with them, the more I understand this terrible crime committed against them. They have literally had their precious lives plucked away from under their very feet by being administered Floroquinalones by physician and doctors who have scant respect for them, who are their patients.

All of the stories I’ve been hearing are of the best specimens of mankind walking in to a clinic for a minor pain and being prescribed the world’s worst drugs which effectively have their life snuffed out of them 😱💀☠️😢😭

This can possibly be you and I. We don’t even know if we have been prescribed these dangerous drugs until we begin to experience the dire ‘side effects’ of having being poisoned 🤢. And, poisoned in the worst possible way!

Just watch them. Listen to what they have to say –



They don’t even have recourse to redress through the legal system as the drugs are categorized as simple medicine. Yes. You heard me right – simple medicine, only until you start to experience the worst of the worst ever acute pain, acute insomnia, acute bone collapse, acute structure collapse to your body, memory loss, brain 🧠 fog 🌫 and an innumerable number of physical and mental problems, you never ever thought existed!

What is worse is that these very doctors and their colleagues don’t believe a word you say! They put all of your ensuing conditions from their deliberate prescriptions, down to trivialities! They trivialize your mounting medical 🏥 issues down to anxiety, panic attacks and other psychological problems and worst 👉🏽 even try to treat these non exiting problems as well.

This is the life of a person who’s FLOXED!!!

Bad enough you are suffering untold conditions, the medical community turns around and casually dismisses you after robbing you of your gorgeous life!

People I have spoken to are people who have been full of life, unbelievably active, happy people who never knew this kind of life even existed.

You may say I’m a conspiracy theorist! You know what? I don’t care! Right now, I’m only interested in getting their lives back to these grossly mal-treated people!

Who’s going to come forwards and take, admit the blame for these disastrous malpractices? 👇🏽

1.For creating Franken-drugs?

2.For administering these Frankenstein-drugs to men and women like you and I?

Yes! I am pointing ☝🏽 a finger at you 👇🏽 BAYER! 👇🏽
You 👉🏽 The WHO
You 👉🏽 The Medical Associations of numerous countries
You 👉🏽 The individual doctors 🥼 who do nothing while your colleagues turn into MONSTERS!
You 👉🏽 Countless Governments who watch and continue to support all of these Agencies and Corporations in the name of and under the guise of 👉🏽‘development’!!! Don’t we all know what that means 👉🏽 KICK BACKS!!!


Now that COVID-19 is here, you think you can all make more money 💰 💴 💵 creating vaccines!

You know what? These shitty vaccines 💉 and whatever drugs you may come up with, cannot be taken by those who are FLOXED!

The FLOXED can’t even take the supplements that have now been prescribed for boosting your immune system as a deterrent to COVID-19! When they do, the terrible conditions re-surface and continue to plague them!

So, you MONSTERS 👉🏽 BigPharma, Medical Associations, Internationals Agencies, Corporations and Governments the world over 👉🏽 Your shitty solutions are grossly inadequate, as a good number of our citizens remain on the other side of the spectrum. Yes, suffering from the monstrosity you created and helped create, what is called being 👉🏽 FLOXED!

The world is watching you petty puny little misnomers 👉🏽 YES! The WORLD 🌎 🌍 🗺 is WATCHING YOU‼️

Get off your high horse 👉🏽 Find a cure for all of the diseases created by you and find a cure that all whom you have effectively FLOXED, are also able to take ‼️

Any other possibility that you dish out to us, won’t come anywhere even close to a cure until these above conditions are met!

Find the cure first for this virus that you yourselves have created in the name of Globalization, and a cure that is right for every one of us ‼️

I demand you 👉🏽 the afore mentioned, FINANCIALLY COMPENSATE every single one of those who are FLOXED on this planet, to date ‼️

Go on 👉🏽 MEET THE DEMANDS made here above ⬆️ ‼️NOW‼️


We are raising awareness about the surprisingly common adverse reactions to fluoroquinolone antibiotics, or FQs.
These are not traditional antibiotics and they routinely cause HORRIFIC DEBILITATING DAMAGE from head to toe.
We will also be announcing brand new research showing how the FQ molecules bind to our DNA. This is a way to prove that millions have been harmed around the world. The implications are staggering.
Part of the awareness problem arises because the adverse reactions often don’t manifest until long after discontinuation of the drug, so the majority of victims have no idea what went so wrong. Adverse reactions are far more common and often far more severe than most doctors believe.
Many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lupus, Parkinson’s, ALS, Lyme Disease, MS even carpal tunnel, and more are actually suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity! These common misdiagnoses routinely lead to mistreatment which often leaves the person in worse shape, not better. In fact, there are actually so many of us that it skews the data regarding the effectiveness of treatments for those who really do have these diseases. Those who figure out that their sudden decline in health is related to FQs face incredible denial by the medical community.
However, as a result of our ongoing efforts, there has been a wave of published research, global government activity and media attention regarding FQs recently, which will soon explode into one of the biggest news stories of the decade, the thalidomide story of our era, times a thousand. This is a hidden holocaust of almost unimaginable scope and scale.
Experts have estimated MASSIVE NUMBERS OF VICTIMS! Exrapolating from their published figures yields 12,000 DEAD IN ONTARIO during the 30 or so years FQs have been around (1), and roughly 116, 250 to 174,375 people experiencing tendon ruptures, tendonitis, nerve pain and joint problems each year! (2) Patients also experience up to 387,500 psychiatric side effects annually (3), although admittedly, a lot of these would be the same people experiencing a variety of other health challenges as well. We tend to suffer a syndrome with numerous serious and often permanently disabling health issues setting in either all at once or in rapid succession.
Sometimes this damage is plainly evident in imaging and so on, but unfortunately much of it is undetectable with current technology.
Please come and join our public groups for non-FQ Victims in facebook and private groups for Floxies to learn more about the dangers of these drugs so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.
We will be setting up another petition for the Province of Ontario to investigate the enormous financial and human toll FQs are taking. Also, if you have experienced mysterious symptoms of pain, peripheral neuropathy, psychiatric symptoms, tendon or connective tissue issues, tremors, IBS or other gastrointestinal issues then come and chat to the many victims who are in our public and private groups to find out if you may actually be experiencing fluoroquinolone toxicity, something that is quite likely since doctors hand the stuff out like candy despite warnings from Health Canada, FDA, EMA and so on. Please inform anyone you know who is sick all the time or who suffers from a condition like this about our Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Facebook groups…they need to know!
Thanks, and best wishes to all!
Our next 5th Annually FQ Rally in downtown Toronto, Ontario CANADA will be held on November 6-7, 2019.  Everyone from all different parts of the world is welcomed to join us … (we still to confirmed dates so please stay posted at Toronto FLOX (FluoroQuinolone) Public Group) …
So, please supporters and victims alike … come out to show your support for our children and their children’s children’s future … millions are being harmed still … even with all the blackboxes and worldwide alerts and activity!!!
All lives matter…even our pets from our fish up to our horses are getting FLOXED too!  We need to save all lives!
Stay Alert & Safe
Mark A Girard of Ottawa, Ontario
Teri Koko of Toronto, Ontario
 (Teri CiproVictim Youtube Channel)
Fluoroquinolone Victim Advocates
Excerpt: From our September 24 & 25, 2018 Toronto Canadian Worldwide 4th Annual FQ Rally

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