Make Colombo, Sri Lanka, A Heritage Site! Now!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Having read the article which appeared in the Colombo Gazette*, dated 19th May 2016, my thoughts on my country come a tumbling in to my mind as to where it is heading, having arrived at where it has.

I ponder especially at this point, where the COVID-19 has brought us all, which is, to an absolute halt and facing up to reality.

Who knew, a virus 🦠 could ultimately put an end to this thing, this never ending old crank of a machine, this system misguidedly called ‘Progressivism’, this Globalist disaster! Yes, it did bring this nightmare of a roller coaster 🎢 ride to an absolute grinding halt!

In the face of that which is happening with social distancing, being quarantined and kept in isolation, everything that Globalization ever stood for, viz., ‘Progressivism’, completely collapses. Let’s say it has being forced to completely collapse under its very out dated and old hat weight!

Globalization had its serious faults.

Its dire need for mass migration with its globalized economies and globalized trash, for its sustenance was absolutely pulled from under its very existence.

As we stand today, we have absolutely no value for vehicles, houses, businesses and the lot, as the COVID-19 keeps upending everything we once placed great value on. In other words Globalization is the number one casualty of this pandemic. Everything we ever held dear, is now being slashed one by one, out of existence. Possibly every aspect of what we held in high esteem is being decimated. By the time this virus is finally done with, which is going to be a long time from now, if we do not change our bad habits sooner, we would be seeing drastic changes.

The CoronaVirus, Or The COVID-19 And It’s Ramifications

The virus is undoubtedly a naturally created phenomenon.

In the face of all of the debunking of everything the ‘free world’ and the not so free world alike held dear, we must be open to real change.

Don’t you think Sri Lanka as a peace time country should’ve had a plan to be focused on their very cultural identity which upholds minimalism emanating from Buddhism ☸️ and possibly from Hinduism 🕉.

Instead, Sri Lanka was a total disaster as a peace time nation, after having obtained a resounding victory through well planned out means, and many sacrifices made. This is a saddening reality.

Sri Lanka should’ve immediately since the war with the LTTE was won, turned around and looked to India as a respite and distanced themselves from its other war time allies, especially, China.

China is now proven as the biggest globalist that ever lived. It is only interested in its global expansionism.

Why did Sri Lanka find erecting sky scrappers and destroying everything old world, with its old world charm, as regression? Why did the successive governments keep on being sell out puppets and not consolidate its vital position as a strong force to be reckoned with, to their advantage?

Why was Colombo being systematically divested of its iconic cultural and historical position as a shinning example to the rest of the world? Why was the minimalist culture and style not being exploited and explored to be presented as a superior life style to the rest of the world?

Colombo could’ve been a beacon to the rest of humanity, yet they did not seize the opportunity due to ignorance or vested interest or both.

Why does Sri Lanka continue to destroy the realities of its colonial past and bring down old buildings, rename streets, and the like, in its capital city, Colombo?

Why is Colombo not being declared a heritage site by Sri Lankans?

Well, do it now! The CoVID-19 or Nature demands it of all Sri Lankans. It behoves them to place themselves high up their where their country really belongs.

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