From Now, On to a Very Fascinating Future in the Distance!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

As the world moves through trying days of having being infected by the nano particle called the CoronaVirus, the end is not anywhere near in sight!

As I’ve been saying many times, we have got to let go of the past, the ugly and horrendous past, which most people seem to be unable to do! This just goes to show their gross attachment, even to things that are absolutely bad for them.

I don’t know about other religions, Buddhism teaches detachment from all things earthly or terrestrial and even extra terrestrial. In other words, detachment is best to follow. Attachment not being a sin but an unskillful means!

That being said, let me quickly run through the course, those who are still clinging to past ties will experience an inability to follow the simple guidelines of social distancing.

These are going to be the disposable excess baggage the planet wants to get rid of! Those who can’t observe social distancing will in the first wave, experience infection and death by the CoronaVirus. Those who can’t observe the guidelines, after having been shown the dire consequences of the Virus, will go on to experience the more virulent symptoms as the first wave develops in to a second wave and a third wave, while the Virus mutates. The symptoms will go from bad to worse. From death by asphyxiation in their own fluids in the first wave, to diarrhea and old age creeping in as it goes on in to the third wave and further on.

If people are worrying over if they will starve or not, believe me starvation will be but a blessing. It will be an all too simple problem to contend with in comparison to old age setting in even as you look at a person, a young person, with their cell structure deteriorating right before you!

Believe me, if you thought possible starvation was a problem, being relegated to the dinosaur 🦕🦖 age would be a far more difficult reality to face and cope with for all of the humanity’s obsession with themselves and how they look, which is all important to them!

Humans eat, drink, dress and do everything they ever do to achieve this one single aim of looking young!

Actually, they can face any adversity but not premature senility!!!

Well, as I’ve been saying in numerous posts shared so far 👉🏾people who can’t adapt and move on to the next level, will be left behind. In other words, will be relegated to the dinosaur age!

Thereafter, the world will move forward with a new venture in sight. With all of the existing system downed and done with and moving on to the next level ➡All of the dinosaur agencies and institutions like the UN and all of its many branches, coming right down to all of the NGOs, will be completely wiped out. Done and dusted!

An altogether new way of leveling up to basics will follow.

Individual countries will be given the task of making each of their countries great 👍🏽There will be a well thought out and planned criteria to follow in order to achieve this status. This status will be supervised by nominees from three countries who are doing well in each given period of time, yet to be determined. These top three countries will be honoured with the task of leading by example, so others can follow and bring themselves up to this standard or having done so, teach the rest of us even better methods of existence.

These leading countries will change according to their performance at the end of each given period of time. In other words a rotating leadership of trios will replace the existing trio if others rise to level up.

There will be no edifices calling themselves this agency or that, employing their favourites in destinations world wide, claiming this status or that, over employing at over rated salaries, at the expense of and run on the backs of hard earned money of ordinary citizens of ‘member countries‘ who slave to create this income!!!!

Everything that ever will be, will be judged on and be based on individual merit!

The work of a given government of a country will be to make the individual country the best it can be.

To give a fare idea of what these standard requirements will be, broadly speaking they could be ascertained as a society free of bribery, a society based on transparency and accountability. A society aiming at equitability pervading its entire community.

Making each of their countries great will be their soul task and all activities will focus on this aim alone.

We have all got a lot of work to be done ahead of us. Let us all work to achieve success.

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