Win for SpaceX and a Win for America

In the Spotlight

It would be nice to know what food they took along with them on the flight and how much of it did they take? Do you feel more hungry or less hungry when you’re in orbit? Or was the need for food the same as you did down on earth?

What kind of training did they undergo before embarking on the flight?

On their return did they find a difference in their body weight?

What are some of the activists you did while inside the rocket 🚀, other than the ones you have already mentioned?

Did the orbit travelers feel a sense of exuberance having been up there? Did they feel their minds got clearer? Their hearts lighter, for having gone where no man, (other than astronauts), had ever been before?

Did they follow Greenwich Mean Time while in orbit?

These are some of the questions that pop in to our minds. May my fellow readers can add to this list of questions.

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