Patriots > Let There Be 10 Million Signatories To The New Declaration Of Independence!

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

It has been a few months since the Minnesotan patriots, headed by patriot, Don T. Mashak, met on a few occasions with the intent of forming their #committeesofcorrespondence to #restoretherepublic as evinced by the Founders.

Since the 2020 Presidential Election was declared a fraud by many patriots, the next course of action available to patriots was to form their committees of correspondence and to present a Declaration of Causes of their grievances to Congress!

Among these the main grievances are –
📖 Our Elections are rigged and the 2020 Election was stolen from We The People!
📖 Our SCOTUS is corrupt and compromised and judge cases on technicalities and not on merit!

The only recourse to justice left for patriots being, forming their committees and drafting their New Declaration of Causes for grievances to be brought before Congress.

This being done, 10 million or 3% of the population as required by the Constitution will deliver the Document to Congress in Washington D.C. and not leave until their demands are met. if Government either ignored or denied patriots their right to be heard, patriots would have exhausted all peaceful means of redress and recourse to justice.

Thereafter, the patriots will “withdraw their consent to be governed” by such a tyrannical government!

Patriots will now be free to turn to alternative means of securing justice for themselves through rebellion and insurrection.

The Minnesotan patriots were in the midst of alerting patriots across these United States, the importance of forming their own committees in each of their respective counties and states.

I believe the New Declaration of Independence started by Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers, now being forwarded for signatures, is the Declaration of Causes that the Minnesotan patriots were attempting to create through forming their committees.

Patriots can still move on and continue with forming their committees while being signatories to the New Declaration of Independence.

Read all about it here.

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