In Memory of Bapak Talib

In the Spotlight

Abdul Talib Yacob
28 November 1933 – 9 November 2021

You left us, all too soon.
I could hardly say
my Good Byes.
I didn’t set you
for departure.
You asked me
for longevity
I gave you
nine score
at your request.

That largeous
of heart
you possess
is hardly to be
in this world.
You told me
I was your
seventh child
To me you are

you were forced
to be
with that poison –

Now I communicate
with you
You are well
I’m happy to see,
and know.
It’s so much better
than this place
I’m happy!
You only wait
to be contacted
from Earth.
For, it is the reason
you left.

I’m fasting
Once again, Bapak.
When I told you
of my fasting
you said to me:
monks in our
neighbouring land
do the same!

I’m hoping
with that blessing
I will succeed
in making it
possible for that
unimaginable feat
too, to be
made possible –
to be contacted
from Earth.

Your last words
to me were in
“You never know just how much
I miss you/ …”!

You left that
night, just as you
have left us today

May you
Rest In Peace.

Until we speak again!

By Sharmini Jayawardena
10th November 2021

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