The Blindness of Their Hearts – Part 1

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By Richard Allen – November 1, 2021

No, I’m not talking about that old adage that “love is blind,” but rather a spiritual condition that scripture says is the common plight of all mankind. Paul the Apostle uses this phrase in Ephesians 4:17-18

“This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart, who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lust, to work all uncleanness with greediness.”

From a purely spiritual perspective, this condition is often referred to as “hardening of the heart” (Exod. 8:32), and will be eternally fatal if not reversed by God’s healing grace through saving faith in Jesus Christ. But this condition also manifests itself in a variety of ways in everyday life, ways that affect the way people think, and feel and act. Mind you, I’m not trying to make a blanket political determination on those with whom I disagree politically, but rather to make some observations about those who are easily deceived by the massive disinformation campaigns that are common today in Western Societies. And what is more concerning, a huge percentage of the Western populace don’t care they’ve been lied to!

Western societies are definitely suffering from some form of “PCDD,” that is Post Christian Distress Disorder. While we may have just made up a new psychological label, the condition is real and observable across most Western cultures in Europe and America. Virtually all Western cultures now apologize for their Christian Roots, and the liberty, prosperity and advancements that Christendom brought to humanity in the past. Truth is, our Christian heritage spurred on the exploration of the New World, and scientific advancements in the West, giving us a transcendent understanding of where we came from, why we’re here, and where we’re going. This went a long way in creating a middle class and greater equity among virtually all people groups in Western cultures, far more than any other society in history! While the push westward brought along some bad vestiges of the “old world,” like slavery and women being treated as less than equal, truth is, most of our modern advances were brought about by Western cultures and a Christian worldview. Can’t argue with historical facts!

With the dawn of American forms of representative rule, the Ruling Class of Royal-blooded Elites gave way to something never seen before: Governance by “We the People!” And the transformation brought about by this “self-governance” in Western cultures has been profound to say the least. But as you flash forward almost 250 years of history, you’ll see that America has fallen prey to the biggest threat we’ve ever faced. I’m not talking about threats from the English Crown, or a Civil War with half the nation clinging to an old-world model of slavery, or even the threats from Nazi or Communist Socialism. I fear that history will one day record that the “Tyranny of Prosperity & Comfort” helped western cultures raise up an entire generation that suffer from “Blindness of the Heart!” A generation that no longer understands the cost of freedom, nor value their history, or the prosperity that they take for granted. If anything, they see their blessings as Entitlements they’re owed!

Sadly, “social upheaval” in the Post Viet Nam 60’s & 70’s” saw the “Ruling Class” re-assert what they believe to be the natural order of things, that is their Rule over the People, even if it’s against the people’s will! In this return to the natural order, the Top 3% of Elites Capriciously Rule over the 97% of the Working Class, all for their own good no doubt. The Royal-Ruling-Class-Elites from Government, Education, Healthcare, Courts, various Intelligence Agencies, Industrial Titans, Corporate Media & Entertainment all believe they should be calling the shots for the common man. And why shouldn’t they, to hear them talk: They are our betters, smarter and clearly have the will to rule and decree life for everyone else. Again, it’s for our own good that they rule over us. We “rubes” in the American middle-class are deluded by religious values and sexual prohibitions from a primitive age. We’re so unsophisticated that we just don’t grasp the nuances of their “New World Order.” And No Matter What the “fact-less fact checkers” say, Obama did say this at a 2018 Bilderberg Conference:

“And for the International order that we have worked generations to build, ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs….Order and rights can only come when those individuals SURRENDER their RIGHTS to an all-powerful sovereign.”

We can clearly see this deception in the different ways the Ruling Class Media has reported and created the daily news narrative. We’ve lived through two drastically different Presidential Administrations over the past 12 years. One, a president who couldn’t tell the truth or tell the difference between the truth and a lie (Obama), and the other a president who was so brutally honest that the combined forces of all the Elite Ruling Class mentioned above worked together to abort his Presidency (Trump). They marveled at Obama, even swooning over the “crease of his pants,” and that he once again “made smoking look cool.” But they detested and feared Donald Trump because they didn’t control him. Mostly, they FEARED THE AWAKENED AMERICANS THAT HE STIRRED UP TO AGAIN ASK FOR SELF-GOVERNANCE! Be aware, things are not exactly what they seem, nor what they tell us. It’s my contention that a great deal of the actual facts CAN be known. Yet, despite actual facts that are discoverable, those who have blindness of the heart choose to believe “unnamed sources” who turn out to be political operatives spinning “disinformation.” And even if you point out that they are believing “fake news” that was totally debunked, they still choose to believe it. We need to ask, WHY?

I should also point out, that many of these people are by the world’s standards quite smart. They possess degrees and experience as part of the Ruling Class. The problem isn’t that they believe that Trump was a Russian Agent, it is they WON’T BELIEVE THAT HE’S NOT, EVEN AFTER SEEING EVIDENSE TO THE CONTRARY! Trump, whom Jessie Jackson, & Rosa Parks had fawned over giving him the Ellis Island Award in 1986 for “diversity hiring,” and “equal opportunity,” had overnight become a horrible Racist. Not because he was a racist, but because it was politically expedient for the Ruling Class that he be destroyed in order to keep their power. You should finally be figuring out that they don’t judge by facts, but based on the narrative that they’ve decided to be TRUE! Ironically, it didn’t matter how Trump actually acted towards Russia as his actions were more threatening to Russian Imperialism than any American President since Reagan. The only thing that mattered was their false narrative; the facts be damned! Again, why is this? Let me postulate that it is something deeper within that wants to believe, YES, WANTS TO BELIEVE WHAT’S FALSE (II Thess 2:11).

In the past 10 months of Obama’s 3rd Term (O’Biden’s Marionette Show), the blossom has come off the rose for a few. Many of those who believed that “the Age of Aquarius” that dawned with Obama in 2008, and would continue with Sleepy Joe, have now seen that BIDEN & THE DEMS RULE EXACTLY CONTRARY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S WELL-BEING!” But still others have doubled down, defending Biden and his anti-American agenda: Open Borders, Expanded Welfare State, Job Killing Regs, Total Capitulation to China, On-Demand-Abortion, Rising Gas, Food & Utility Costs, Clueless Economic Policy, Promotion of Sodomy, Pseudo Climate Crisis-Management, Critical Race Theory Enforcement, Forced Vaccinations, etc.). Sadly, even some professing believers have defended these radical policies or blamed them on the previous Trump Administration. How can this be? For those sincere Christians that think like this, most are confused and very uninformed or misinformed. They’re what has been referred to as “low-information-voters.” What makes them still genuine believers is that they don’t defend these policies as if they are morally equivalent. They tend to become turned off to the whole mess, and I fear will stop participating in the electoral process out of disgust.

But for the Kool-Aid drinkers (even among professing Christians) who actually believe that Trump’s behavior is just as bad, it’s here that we see “Blindness of the Heart” present itself as a serious disease of the soul. The sad fact is that they can’t factually tell you what he’s done wrong, only that he’s a Racist Russian Agent and a Womanizer who Talks Dirty. Or they’ll repeat the “fake news” headlines form our “propaganda cable networks” (CNN, MSNBC, etc.). Apparently, promoting Sodomy, or killing 60 million unborn children is just as bad as a “sarcastic tweet,” or saying that “Rosie O’Donnell is fat.” When pressed on the Big Immoral Policies that these Marxist-Democrats advocate, I’ve often heard them say things like: “I don’t personally believe in Abortion, or LGTB Behavior, but I defend their right to choose.” I often reply: That sounds like someone in the mid-1800’s saying “I don’t own slaves, but I’ll defend those slave-owning states right to choose.” We’d think they were crazy. If you believe something is morally wrong, you don’t promote it, or look the other way – you pass laws to stop it! Allowing full grown men to cross-dress and go in little girls’ bathrooms is morally wrong. And telling all white children that they’re born racist and need to be make amends is the very essence of REAL RACISM!

I wish I could tell you that these illogical thoughts come from a deep psychological disconnect, but it appears that most people who have “blindness of the heart” suffer from “guilt.”Whether that guilt is for their own sins, or guilt for enjoying excess, possessions and privilege in life, it drives them to support the party that promotes: “Sinful Rights Legislation!” Yes, you heard me right, Sinful Rights Legislation. The Left has abandoned the plight of the poor, and now taken up the cause of: MS-13 Gangs and People Traffickers having unimpeded access to US Markets via open borders, Gender confusion and Poor Women being forced or talked into killing their Unborn Children – All to support the Ruling Classes’ misguided desire to survive some imagined climate apocalypse! But no matter what label you want to put on in, Paul the Apostle was right when he stated that it all starts with being given over to a “Reprobate Mind,” and being alienated from the life of God because of spiritual ignorance (Rom 1:28, Eph 4:18). I’ll have more to say in “Blindness of the Heart,” Part 2.

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