Truth Be Told Instagram

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I beseech you Instagram, to👉STOP 🛑🖐 this fact checking and deleting of free speech of us free citizens! Now!

Here is what you have done to silence me in the same way you do to far too many of us. You know you are being unconstitutional and thereby traitorous by we the people and the Nation.

Treason is punishable by confiscation of your movable and immovable property and assets and with death by hanging.


(I’m not bothered about you removing my posts as they have already served more than their purpose!!!)

Before long your app will be brought down to the very bottom. I’m here using your app only until such time I need to. Thereafter I will be gone and so will many others and you will suffer the same fate as CNN. That rogue media outlet has lost more viewers than it can afford to lose. A media agency that was once the top most top!

Before long we are all going to desert you and start our very own social media sites.

So watch it. Look out! You are the next to be axed. You will become a nonentity.

Those who silence the truth are nothing but liars. Not all of your silencing of the truth will stop the truth from being told and exposed. In fact it is the opposite that will happen. And, the truth shall prevail!

Further more, lying and dishonesty are abhorred by all good citizens and religions.

Soon lying and perpetrating lies and other ill deeds will be seen for what they are and be treated as misconduct punishable by law.

Let me reiterate that as more and more people realise what you do to your users, silencing them, and silencing the truth, the more you will lose your users in the near future. Then it will be us telling you that you have been traitorous in what you did and that it is time for us to punish you under the law of the land.

And so moot it be!

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