Get Your A** Over Here vvv

In the Spotlight

By Don T. Mashak

Reminder – Next RESTORE OUR REPUBLIC meeting 5DEC2021 1pm, same location.

Can we get everyone to show up for this meeting instead of 5-15 patriots

showing up? Tough to move forward without everyone showing up,

so we can coordinate our efforts and numbers attract more patriots to join us.

I Promise this is the last meeting I will invite, cajole or nag you to attend this year,

if you attend this meeting… Do you care about your children and grandchildren’s futures? If you forgot the location, RSVP for details.

Links to 3 videos anger you and move you to take action

The Social Dilemma

What really happened in Wuhan China ?

National Bird – Killing via Drones >

Please CONNECT THE DOTS for yourselves.

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