Is this really happening?! Psyops of the worst nature!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I watched this vid titled – The Social Dilemma – a Netflix vid it is!

That was my first observation to desist and resist!

As I kept watching I observed that this vid was brining a number of persons who have worked in key positions of BigTech or are dead having worked for BigTech, that being Steve Jobs, together.

What I realised was that the message it was trying to deliver to the critical thinker is that not indulging in being addicted to BigTech was somehow going to put you in to big trouble.

The example being that the mom who denies her son the use of his phone to save him from tech addiction is somehow caught and handcuffed by the cops when she spots and pursues her son being caught and cuffed for being in a crowd of protesters.

What does this mean?

They speak of technology and it’s manipulations of the mind and the human psychology in order to have their goods or products who are their multiple “users”, delivered to them. That’s all that BigTech wants – “Users”! The keyword, as far as they are concerned!

They also say this 👇

So there you go! Their attempt to form the addiction among the 2 billion humans on this planet.

Now take a look at pedo zucchini taking pot shots at law enforcement in L.A.!!!! We need to launch a thorough investigation into pedo zucchini! Now! Prosecute him and punish him with the highest extent of the law! Now! Before he takes more of our children and enslaves them for his pecuniary and other gains!!!!

Just like the social Darwinists rebranded themselves as ‘Progressives’ and made changes to our lives we didn’t even know happened, because they made it happen in slow-mo where no one generation could see the changes taking place. They did it so that if one generation can’t see it then they wouldn’t rise up against something they didn’t see. That was BigGov in operation. So in the same way here is BigTech. BigTech was changing their business models and no one was aware this was being done to them. They were changing the way you think, you spoke and acted.

“They build models that predict our actions and whoever who builds the best model wins.”

The tech companies don’t sell your data. They build models out of the data they gather. They create if you will, an avatar of yourself and transfer every action of your online activity to that model.

Those techies of the numerous tech companies openly say, “There’s no one bad guy, no. Absolutely not”, not one person can be blamed for what they say are violations of the human psychology by the manipulative methods used by tech companies on their “users”!!!!

Why do they say so? It is because if you were to pick one person it is each of them who are sitting there making this film who are responsible for what they claim themselves, to be violations against their “user’s “ rights!!!

These people are all guilty of having committed crimes against humanity! And no one is seeing this?! They have been playing with people’s emotions and feelings and causing harassment to their minds for well over a good ten to fifteen years! And no one is seeing this?

And these people are freely walking this earth with impunity, with no qualm about what they have done or continue to do to maneuver the human brain and psyche to profit off of doing so for themselves and their companies????!!!

There’s a reason why we are told at the beginning of this video that it is an original Netflix documentary!!!! These are the psyops they use to show us the so called “users”, that our lives are in their hands to do what they like with us. Putty in their hands!

This is exactly how the socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ elite think of us – as the masses to whom they can lie to with no consequences and no accountability.

What is being shown to us in the video is obviously all in the past. This is why they chose to reveal it to us. And while they keep us engaged in panicking about that stuff they are now busy doing other stuff to us. What is happening right now, and what they are doing to us right now is any body’s guess. That is that which they don’t talk about in the video.

Facebook just like the ‘progressives’ have rebranded themselves as Meta within these past few months. What is their motive in creating this separation of powers between Facebook and Meta?!

Are they carving a path for themselves by which they can evade the consequences they would otherwise face through the execution of Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act???

Will others like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, follow suit?

Google who now owns Youtube has already done so in forming Alphabet.

This documentary presents yet another of their tactics in psyops, to try and create more panic in the minds and hearts of their “users”, whom they themselves claim is a term only used to address drug addicts.

So these are the people in this documentary who keep deleting, banning and cancelling the posts and accounts of conservatives, republicans and Trump supporters!

They all did it with nary a conscience, and purely for profit and gain of promotions and increments to their salaries, for themselves and their owners – the tech giants!

They talk about their “users” being the product. But what has happened to them is worse – they are the slaves who are owned by these tech giants to do their bidding. Worse still, these are the modern day slaves who are willing slaves, because they want to be the next big kid on the block or just impress their owners, before whom they prostrate at the feet.

All the people in this video who keep telling us that this has happened have committed crimes against humanity which must be made punishable by the fullest extent of the law.

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