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Jorden Mink has been held in pre-trial detention for eleven months without bond—largely under 22-23 hour solitary lockdown—in the D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility for crimes he is accused of committing on January 6th.

These are severe measures, considering Mink’s own indictment alleges he caused no bodily harm to a single person that day. So why such drastic measures, considering he has never committed a felony offense before?

Mink, a 28-year-old Pittsburgh man and father of a young son, wounded the pride of the anti-American Administration we now find ourselves ruled under—and it, in turn, set out to ruin his life.

With a thirst for blood no normal person can comprehend, the Biden regime and Garland-led Dictatorship of Justice hopes to ruin his eight-year-old boy’s life in the process, too, by keeping his father’s face from him for almost a year—fair retribution for what it sees as the ultimate sin, existing as a Trump supporter and exercising freedom.

His little boy is another innocent victim of a world without justice.

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The list of Constitutional violations grows more grotesque daily, as roughly forty men held in D.C.’s “Gitmo” jail have collectively experienced months of unlivable conditions and been denied rights fundamental to this country.

Most glaringly, these forsaken rights include: protections against unwarranted searches and seizures (4th Amendment), the guarantee of due process of law (5th Amendment), the right to a speedy trial (6th Amendment) and protection from cruel and unusual punishment (8th Amendment).

These abuses are of international significance, with our government violating human rights standards it has agreed to on the world stage, as established by the United Nations.

Living in this nightmare is not something that most American’s can believe, let alone understand. Mink’s significant other of eleven years, Lexie, wrote a statement for the Gateway Pundit to give the American people some understanding of this chilling experience that began in an instant, 335 days ago.

Her full statement is published below:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

On a daily basis I get asked “how are you doing?” My response is always the same, “I am okay.” But the truth of the matter is I am not.        

In just this last year I lost my best friend, my other half and the father of my child. The last time I saw my fiancé was January 18th, 2021. Imagine being home with your seven year old son and your dog, all of a sudden you hear your name being called to come out with your hands up. You open the door to see a tank-like truck with several other unmarked vehicles in front of your house along with red and blue lights. When you go outside you realize your entire house is surrounded by men in uniform with firearms.        

I went outside for them to put me in handcuffs and go into my home where my child was sleeping in his bedroom. I asked them to let me get my dog who was barking because he was being protective of us & I was scared that they would shoot him.

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