How the White Supremacist Racist Socialist Democrats Began the Program to have Us Humans Killed

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I found out through my many searches that way back as in the ‘60s they started a new term to address the Brownies by, meaning the girl equivalent of Cubs as in Scouting. They suddenly changed the name from Brownies to Little Friends, in certain countries!!!

This seems like one of the furthest areas in our lives that the socialist ‘progressive’ white supremacists decided to suddenly lay siege on!

The Democrats and their plantation blacks have been involved in creating problems for humanity and coming up with the solution themselves since 1913.

In 1913 the ‘progressive’ president Woodrow Wilson surreptitiously introduced the Fourth Branch of government, the Administrative State, in between the the Constitution and We The People.

The Constitution as created by the Founders had only three branches of government. That being the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary, in that order. You can see how equitable and just the Founding Fathers were in creating a form of government with equal checks and balances incorporated into the Constitution.

The Socialist Darwinist ‘Progressive’ Democrats took charge and repeatedly brought in problems and solutions to problems they themselves created over and over again. It was a nonstop carousel of government by default and an unceasing one. The end of it would see a One World Government instituted by a New World Order!!!

This was ‘woke’ capitalism by managed decline at its max and at its worst..

Many a man and woman helped in and lent themselves to the hierarchy in achieving their end. These are the myriad of RINOs 🦏🦏, (Republican In Name Only), and DINOs 🦕🦖, (Democrats In Name Only), and others like the Illuminati and such secret societies that comprise the Deep State, backing this rigmarole started by the ‘progressive’ Democrats.

They are everywhere. You can find them quietly blending in to the family get together or being vociferously so. Friends merging into a social gathering or colleagues pretending to be astute and concerned! You have to be a bit smart to find them in these midsts. These are what they mistakenly call themselves – social justice warriors

They are to be found among your clergy and within the congregation. They are there heading religious organizations and most notably the many heads of religious orders, and almost all private and government sector organizations are headed by them, today. This is how far deep the Deep State truly extends.

Had the millions of We The People of this planet not found this entire circus out, we would be in a very sorry situation going towards a sad ending right now. Thankfully the sheeple were awakened and Good prevailed over Evil!

The Socialist ‘Progressive’ Democrats carried on with their shenanigans that pervaded every area of our lives, as an extension to having kept and owned slaves.

This may have been the first step in language corruption along with other words they strove to introduce in to the lexicography. Words like racism, transgender, Islamaphobia and homophobic are all words introduced to the English language to define the manner and form in which these ‘progressives’ were to shape our world. That is, in their own dystopian disaster land narrative

They were engaged in covert unconventional ‘revolution’ by slow infiltration of our societies, both black and white. They were antithetical to conservatism.

Later, you find the big owners of corporations denying Nicola Tesla his attempt to regularize electricity as a universal source of energy! They side step him so they can commercialize their oil wells that at the same time were intended to introduce hydrocarbons/fossil fuels/petroleum in to every aspect of our lives!

Humans were never meant to die of disease. They either dropped dead, died in their sleep or died of some accident. By introducing petroleum into medicines these corporate magnates created in their laboratories and factories, they brought on bizarre diseases like cancer into our midst.

The human being was experiencing hitherto unheard of debilitating diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, going a step further to dementia, Alzaimers and Parkinson’s disease.

Everything we ate or drank was laced with plastic which is a petroleum by product.

“What often gets overlooked is the fact that conventional plastic is made from fossil fuels, and is a product of the oil and gas industry. Traditionally made from petroleum byproducts, plastic in the U.S. is now most commonly sourced from the nation’s production of “abundant and affordable” natural gas”.*

According to certain people, the average human being of today carries a credit card amount of plastic in their system. This is that much poison in your body.

Everything we eat and drink has a quantity of plastic in them.

Everything we wear in the form of polyester and other new fangled materials like for example, Lycra, Spandex or Elastane, all names for Spandex, contain a quantity of petroleum in them in the form of polyurethane in them. Even cotton is mercerized with the addition of acids to the raw cotton.

They have gone many steps further in creating artificial fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides of which Monsanto’s carcinogenic Glyphosate looms large!

Everything that the socialist democrats and their cahoots ever created was branded with the word – DEATH – in them. This was their grand plan of dehumanizing the planet. Their grand plan of depopulating the world.

Fortunately, their plans have as of now, backfired on them. All those who supported them either directly or indirectly, have fallen apart. They can’t even scramble for the driblets. Us patriots of this planet have seen to it that not even the dregs remain for these disgusting sorry excuses for humans of a pathetic breed to survive on. We have made sure they will never raise their ugly heads ever again.

It has taken total and absolute commitment, integrity and energy on the part of the patriots to be able to pull this off. The ‘progressive’ socialists never imagined the “masses” whom they believed they could lie to and manipulate, could get the better of them.

Their broke back bill or trillions of dollars worth fake infrastructure bill and their so called voting rights bill were both stymied at the Senate.

Every day we are seeing Biden & Co. deteriorating into dinosaur 🦕 🦖 land as we planned and isn’t it heartening to see these totally selfish and self centered pure evil go down the shut of possibly no return?!

They have the gumption to call us, conservative patriots, White Supremacists!!! Their agenda was never a black agenda except for those of them who belong to the Black Lives Matter global hypocrisy. This Terrorist organization has had its trillions of ill gotten dollars, swept off of them from under their very feet. The institutional investors, as they call themselves, who are hiding behind Black Lives Matter, have been denigrated to the shell institutions they truly are.


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