“I have a Plan” – In Retrospect

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James

In 2018-19, I wrote to a close ally of mine, saying I have a plan. I even put it in a meme which I posted to Instagram, which no one understood at the time.

The plan being to create a Declaration of Causes putting down all our grievances in writing. Then making copies of it. Get the membership list of all Democrats in the DNC and allot each conservative the task of assuming the identity of each of the Democrats and sending the DOC out in the name of each Democrat to Congress by USMail!

Here it is ⬇️ I found it in a slew of my notes.

My ally said it was a great idea, but who are the conservatives who will rally round to do this??? But how are we going to find the willing conservatives to do this?!

That’s the big question when it comes to anything to do with the conservatives having to actually proactively do something concrete. The conservatives never deliver on matters that needs concerted effort. That is the truth about the conservatives.

They will attend rallies involving the energy and efforts put in by others as in the case of Trump rallies and they will give money freely to get what they want done by the grifters .

Wither the Grifters, Come a Future Republican Government?!

But, they will wax eloquent about what should be done and never do it themselves. This is the reason why us conservatives have not made real headway in bringing down the liberals until today.

No doubt however a difficult task it may be, conservatives lag behind. So did my Plan, die sadly, just as soon as it was born. This brings to mind all of those babies being aborted and very little being done to stop it from happening, until Trump came along.

Had we executed my Plan, we would have unloaded a ton of mail at the steps of the Capitol leaving the Congress folk to wade through it to make sense of it.

This was the time when building the wall was in the fore and we were struggling to make it happen. Then came Brian Kolfage together with Steve Bannon who created the #WeBuildTheWall campaign which got the #BuildTheWall Movement off the ground. However, remember, that this too also involved just sitting in your comfortable chair, and writing a cheque! Nothing to do with actively participating in any solid venture. The Build The Wall Campaign was however, a success.

At the time I was pursuing unloading a ton of bricks on Congress. I was making comments to the effect of 👉get those dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 in Congress under a ton of bricks 🧱 in all of social media.

Then President Trump came up with the idea of creating foam bricks valued at twenty dollars a piece I think, the returns of which would go towards building the wall. That was a great idea.

The fact remains that when we do things that creatively insinuate and directly address core issues at hand, we drive energy in to getting results directly. In other words these are result oriented creative endeavour. The more we indulge in them the more we will have results produced. It bears even greater fruit when the venture does not involve money.

This is why A Plan is always better than A Dream. Martin Luther King Jr., with all due respect, said what he said in having A Dream. But, it would’ve been better if he had A Dream that worked and not just a dream. I believe the black community would’ve benefited greatly if this had been so. The blacks would not have had to traverse this arduous, deep and dark course it has had to traverse. The white Americans would’ve benefitted vastly by there being a benign Plan and not a volatile or violent ones. Americans could’ve come together uniquely.

Time has passed for us and there’s no going back. The way forward however fortunately is a pleasant one even though we have been through very trying times for having only had A Dream and not A Plan!

The sad truth is that people still to date think of the Dream as having been a worthy one, due to it mentioning that the character of a person and not the colour should be what we must focus on when gauging the worthiness of a man or a woman. Wasn’t that what the founding fathers said as well?

This Dream could’ve borne actual results had MLK also come up with A Plan and not just A Dream.

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