Scrambled Eggs On Toast

By Home cook Sharmini Jayawardena

I’m sad to say that I had made a most gorgeous reel with music to it, on this most delightful of breakfasts, which I’ve lost due to Pinterest having deactivated the Leafblogazine account there, claiming we spread misinformation!!! We all know what that means, and that is that ➡️Leafblogazine is a disseminator of the TRUTH‼️

That being said, here’s the recipe in pictures and with some instructions. You can always have this at anytime of the day and not necessarily only for breakfast.

Here are the ingredients:

3 free range eggs
A few splashes of milk
4 tbls of butter
4 tbls tomato sauce
A few pinches of salt
Freshly ground pepper (from the pepper mill)

Gather your ingredients together as above ⬆️

▪️Break the eggs 🥚  in to a bowl, breaking them one at a time into a smaller bowl to make sure they are not spoiled.
▪️Beat with a fork.
▪️Add three splashes of milk.
▪️Add salt and pepper to taste.
▪️Continue beating. Not too much.

▪️Heat a frying pan. Add two good knobs of butter to it.
▪️Once the butter starts to sputter, add the beaten eggs to it.
▪️Start scrambling the eggs with a fork.
▪️Remove from fire while still wet. Do not let it dry out on the stove.

▪️Apply butter on toast  generously.
▪️Spread a thick layer of scrambled eggs on the toast.
▪️Speckle with tomato 🍅 sauce.
▪️Serve immediately. Enjoy 😋

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