So it is “Protected Opinion” According to Facebook!!!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

We always knew this to be so and we always told you so, Facebook, but you were far too stubborn and arrogant thinking you elite have the right to lie to the masses. Facebook 👉you are nothing but a ‘progressive’ socialist globalist elite‼️‼️‼️

In December 2021, Facebook was forced to accept in their own seeking, that their fact checkers’ statements censoring our posts, are nothing but 👉”Protected Opinion”.

I can just visualize the Facebook legal team wracking their brains or the lack there of, burning the midnight oil, struggling at coming up with these two key words that would possibly save their client from absolute destruction.

For 👉journalist John Stossel has launched a lawsuit against Facebook for defamation with a two million dollar price tag attached to it! ⬇️

The fact remains that Facebook attempted to dismiss the case brought forward by Stossel and in the process of doing so they may have literally opened this can of worms as it were.

That being, having relegated their fact checker assertions to mere opinion may give us We The People the freedom to express ourselves at will.

For, it was always true that we had the right to express ourselves without interference from tech companies. That’s what they are. No tech company has the right to deny us our unalienable natural rights to free speech, thought and action. To put it simply ➡️It is Unconstitutional ‼️

Social media applications acting like nannies on the internet, trying to establish their side of the untruth only drives them to accept the that much shunned and detested reality that they are indeed publishers‼️

Social media sites or apps can’t be both publishers and platforms at the same time. Either they are one or the other. By accepting that their fact checkers are only asserting “protected opinion”, they have admitted to being publishers.

Publishers cannot have protection under Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act‼️

Having said that, We The People are now free to express their own opinion without having the strangle hold of social media censorship hovering over them all the time.

The 2016 resounding victory for President Trump, brought to light how social media, in particular Facebook could bring forth a Movement in to action. This Movement was a populist one which became stronger by the day.

Thereafter, social media decided to become politically motivated, at the cost to their own popularity, in being the gestapo for the Liberal Democrat establishment.

Policing their “Users” for the ‘Progressive’ socialist globalist elitist Cabal brought them neither fame nor fortune. As is evident by the Stossel Lawsuit. The fact remains that all of Facebook’s “Users” can now bring on lawsuits against them.

We The People have been placed in straight jackets until today by these social media behemoths. We have been acting according to their rules and regulations, or what they arbitrarily or loosly refer to as 👉Community Guidelines‼️

This is something I could never wrap my mind around 👉why must We The People abide by these Brown Shirts who do the bidding of their Master 👉the Master of Puppets‼️‼️‼️

Mainstream social media supports those who fund the domestic terror groups like antifa and BLM who wreak havoc committing murder, arson and looting businesses‼️Think about it. George Soros funds the bailing out of all domestic terrorists through his Open Society Foundation‼️

Don’t forget, this is ➡️While We The People patriots suffer untold torture for no crimes committed by them, in never ending solitary confinement, in DC dungeons now known as the 👉 #AmericanGulag

I for myself can claim this much ➡️I am awaiting the arrival of President Trump’s social media site, TruthSocial. It was supposed to have happened in November 2021. Now brought forward to February of 2022. Us conservative patriots don’t need any other site.

Leafblogazine had a bad experience with Parler. After they were hounded out by Amazon, Parler returned, but our account still remains inaccessible to date‼️‼️‼️

I must say I had this weird experience with Instagram just a few days ago. They had fact checkers censor my post below ⬇️ Obviously due to the two key words prevalent being “elections” and “integrity”‼️A few days later they had returned the post to normal. Amazing‼️

Us conservative patriots don’t need to follow the socialist elites’ narrative anymore and behave like throttled people with no freedom. For we are free and we must behave like free people with freedoms.

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