The ‘Progressive’ Globalist Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James

“In the 1990s, [while] President, Bill Clinton replaced all of the US District Attorneys with Progressive Globalist Loyalists. Replacing all US District Attorneys had never occurred before in US history. Replacing the top positions in US Justice with Progressive loyalists was the next step in advancing the Progressive Globalist Revolution. The underlings of these Progressive Loyalists would soon see promotions. The judiciary under all of these Progressive Loyalists was based on complicity in advancing the seditious and treasonous Progressive Globalist Agenda, rather than loyalty to the Constitution their oath of office requires. In these circumstances, all government lawyers would either have to betray their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution or forfeit their chance at advancement within these agencies.” – Don Mashak*

This very same tactic was adopted by globalist leaders of other countries, all over the world. The Globalist ‘progressive’ Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, whom no countrymen of his own identified him as being such, until a foreign social visit pass holder called him out publicly while confronting a parliamentarian of Mahathir Mohammad’s latest new party!

This same social visit pass holder also brought down that entire Government in the aftermath of that confrontation, with no bullet spent nor human being sacrificed.

He openly expressed that MM was a traitor who had sold his Country to the Globalist, George Soros, while the whole time calling out to the public on news media that George Soros was in fact responsible for the financial collapse of certain South East Asian countries in the 1998 financial downfall and currency crisis ! Thereby denying any complicity in the egregious crime he committed against his own people and his Country.

This facts of the currency crisis pervaded the entire mainstream media all over the world in 2019, when it happened.

MM is known to have embezzled much of the Country’s funds accumulated through its resources, mainly, petroleum. He did so by making his crony henchmen wealthy. He was the immaculate dictators, who offered his cronies, licenses to operate mega businesses while denying the same opportunities to ordinary citizens

It is also believed that he syphoned much of the Country’s wealth in to his own coffers through these insidious means. After all, he was known among Japanese businessmen as the ten percent prime minister!

This very MM while in office as PM in earlier times, for 22 years, ruling the Country like a dictator, was responsible for interfering in the judiciary and sacking existing judges including the Chief Justice from their positions in the Judiciary and replacing them with his own crony judges. These actions had a very bad impact on the Country’s governance that lead to much of the corruption at many levels, that ensued!

So you see the very same pattern of interfering with the judiciary and removing judges from their positions being followed by Bill Clinton and MM, both ‘progressive’ globalists who pretended to be otherwise, both done in the ‘90s!

If you care to research on this matter pertaining to other countries of this planet, you will find the very same pattern of interference in the Judiciary having taken place before a financial downfall that leads to those countries being financially destabilized.

In the case of Malaysia however the strength of its People pulled the Country out from the absolute doldrums, as they said they would be “bullish” in recovering from this disaster.

In even more recent times, on 6th January 2021, a certain Patriot, proceeded to cry out “CHARGE” many times in three cries to Trump supporting patriots who converged on the Capitol grounds! This I believe lead them to storm the Capitol.

In retrospect I believe that this patriot who didn’t want a single drop of blood shed in our fighting the good fight, somehow felt there was much treachery involved in the manner in which these globalists behaved in stealing the 2020 Election from the Patriots on that day, on January 6th, 2021.

▪️For one thing, they did not fortify the surrounding area of the Capitol on that day, knowing there was going to be a mass gathering, so that the patriots would be kept out!
▪️The entire premises were kept wide open.
▪️The globalists wanted to thwart our plans by making sure blood is shed. They unleashed their mad dog Capitol Police on We The People Patriots!
▪️Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland were both mercilessly murdered by Capitol Police officers on that occasion on that day!!!
▪️While it was the blood of Patriots that was shed, there was no traitor blood shed!

Our plan still holds good and we have proceeded to procure our victories as in the case of the stymied fake ‘Infrastructure’ Bill and also the stymied Voting Rights Bill!!! Both of which are resounding victories for We The People! With no bullets spent.

Two down, with the democrats and the Biden Administration looking the other way while the SCOTUS tosses Covid-19 lawsuits brought forth by them. The Left has also ignored many state level judges tossing out cases regarding Covid-19, brought forward by the Democrats!!!

Democrats in Congress are retiring in their multitude and now we see them resorting to gerrymandering tactics!!!

The ‘progressive’ globalists’ distraction tactic of sending tons of armaments and troops to the Ukraine-Russia border is nothing short of flexing its muscles on the American people!!! It is a message to the American militia sadly one that involves the people of both Ukraine and Russia in doing so.

These are terror tactics adopted by the globalists through out history. War has been their go to practice for the longest period of time to perpetrate violence and tyranny over the People. History is fraught with the numerous wars waged by so called leaders on their citizens. A totally uncivilized and primitive method of wielding their power over the People, to say the least. Tyranny by distraction!!!

The globalists sought to amass wealth for themselves by destroying the Peoples of countries and the destruction of their nations, by oiling the war industry in doing so. What a most horrifically disgusting and pathetic means of also creating wealth by destruction! These are the inane solutions to problems that the globalists have ever known. When it comes to intelligence, as in brain power, the globalists come out the worst. They have absolutely none of it in those numskulls of theirs.

Their cunning tactic of engaging in non-traditional ‘Revolution’ by slow incremental infiltration, knows no bounds. This is how stealthy they have been in destroying entire Peoples and their countries through out history until today. They set about doing so, so that no one generation will see the changes happening to their societies and countries, thereby preventing a true People’s’ rebellion.

This fact cannot be stated enough. We need to spread the reality of this fact as far and as wide as possible. So that soon, everyone is able to identify the surreptitious tactics adopted by the globalists, the very moment they make a move in that direction.


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