RE: Nominations to the Federal Reserve and the SCOTUS

By Sereniti James

I was sent this lame article via a certain App and it is by the LA Progressive, on the Biden nominations to the respective positions. So, you can figure out for yourselves what their first second and last thoughts are on the above topic – race race and more race!!! They claim that there’s going to be a barrage of opposition from the conservatives on this matter. That is fake news in itself. Do they not know the whinny whinnies come from the liberals and not the conservatives?! The liberal Democrats who melt like snowflakes ❄️ ❄️ when their fragile as snowflakes, feelings are hurt!!! O poor babes in arms.

As a Conservative I proceed to expose the truth and realities on this:

It is too darn obvious where these ‘progressives’ come from – a very ugly place in history. What they want to do is to coat every aspect of our lives, may it be black or white amongst us, in the guise of race, inequality and or any number of other like misnomers. What they sought to achieve by doing so is to take our minds off of what is really happening to all of America 👉🏻That being 👉🏻The coup and invasion by the socialists and their globalist elitist agenda‼️

The coup that has gone on for a century perhaps, and a coup that has now resulted in many areas of our lives being disrupted by inflation, unemployment and rising prices of all our utilities and goods.

More over, those journos at this ‘media outlet’ are not even bothering to take our minds off of these most unequal and racist of actions on their part. They are going head on in to the topic of nominating bogus black and white people in to positions of importance to our Country. The LA Progressive, is not even bothering like their own brethren, over at the Biden Administration, to distract our minds with the ongoing war and the war mongering in Ukraine!

For, these minions are well in to being divided and ruled by the Divide and Rule policy of the neo-Nazi Liberal Democrat hierarchy ‼️

To them I say ➡️ Stop 🛑 being divided‼️We The People must refuse to be divided by the political opportunism and the political opportunists in Washington D.C.‼️

They are unashamedly and unabashedly talking their empty talking air heads off on this, in this matter, even dropping such words as, “vapid Tucker Carlson to the predictably conservative Wall Street Journal.“ The WSJ is conservative? I didn’t know that! And, for the record – Tucker Carlson is pro neo-Nazi as he called both 2018 and 2020 Elections early, thereby giving the Election victory to the Liberal Democrats and their RINO acquiesces.

I digress –

Since when did journalists and the media get to call and determine the results of elections⁉️⁉️⁉️ Elections come under the preview of We The People, for We The People vote at elections‼️ We The People determine the outcome of elections, and not any other spurious entity‼️ This is a matter to be dealt with in another post.

Getting back to our subject at hand – What I know for a fact is that you, especially the POTUS, does NOT nominate people to positions of importance in the public domain or any domain for that matter, based on the color of a person’s skin‼️Where’s the equality in doing that⁉️

Are these Liberal Democrat journos, and minions who have been and are the pawns ♟ of socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ globalist elite, for ages, so dim as not to see the truth staring in their face⁉️

Obviously they need a lesson in history for, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it” – Metaphysical History of the Western World.

The Liberal Democrats and their RINO acquiesces with their background in CommonCore education submit to people of authority amongst them in quiet obeisance. These liberal minions do not realize that they are being manipulated by a bunch of hypocrites.

The minions are still in the plantations, doing exactly and thinking exactly what and how their owners want them to. They certainly have no idea of what liberties their Constitution has provided them with. They fail badly in this very area of establishing truth for themselves as they certainly are the sheeple being manoeuvred and manipulated along. They, “the masses”, are the livestock, whom the elite believe can be lied 🤥 to. The minions obeying without question‼️

Besides, their CommonCore education leaves them with no tools to read a document of importance and think critically and independently for themselves.

“Yes, master”, “Yes, master”, are the only words that come out of their mouths 👄 which knows no brain 🧠, as their brains have taken a leave of absence not due to the CoronaVirus, but due to being addled 🥴, as thinking is too much of an effort for them. They love to be pigeon holed as “social justice warriors”, “virtue signalling”, and be lured in to their comfortable comfort zone, where too much mental effort on their part is not expected of them.

These liberal and RINO acquiesces love being gaged, bound and shackled to the narratives their hierarchy creates for them. They are completely imprisoned by these very thoughts.

They smugly snuggle in to the racist pigeon hole which is an important aspect of the liberal agenda. This being yet another act of dividing “the masses” by race, on their part. These tactics of division of “the masses”, are rules directly taken from the Saul Alinsky play book – Rules for Radicals, which the liberals follow step for step !!!

It is unbelievable that the liberals, be they black or white in color, think nothing of this divisiveness. Their color obviously is of grave importance to them. It is important over and above thinking intelligently. It looms larger than taking the effort to reading their Constitution and learning about the freedoms and liberties afforded to them via unalienable Natural Rights, bequeathed by God as reduced to writing ✍🏻 therein, by the Founders.

When are the rest of us going to be freed from this obese liberal thinking 🤔 It behoves the rest of us to free ourselves from this type of thinking on a base level. For, MERIT and CHARACTER are the only norms or standards to judge a person by and NOT their color or their breeding. This MUST be the only criteria to follow especially when picking a nominee for high positions in public office, 👉🏻certainly one to be followed when selecting nominees to the Federal Reserve and to the SCOTUS‼️

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