Broke Back Bitter

By Sereniti James

Senator Kyrsten Sinema, (D-AZ)

There’s good news coming from Senator Kyrsten Sinema, (D-AZ), who has refused to toe the line with her imposter President Joe Biden’s bid to a revivalist ‘Build Back Better’ bill! She has “dealt a fatal blow”, as it were, to his surreptitious aspirations on this agenda.

Nope! Senator Sinema will hold her ground and NOT support this travesty of a Marxist agenda, that has no strength at building anything, let alone building better. It’s just NOT happening.

Sinema has now told donors that she agrees with Manchin in not supporting this Broke bill.

The bill having long since seen it’s days of standing at building anything, is tottering on its last legs. It will go in to Congress in the slimmed-down version which will garner no clout.

Instead Sinema is very rightly focused on the modification to the Electoral Reform Act. In January she ended the Democrats’ so called ‘Voting Rights’ bill which was neither a bill nor had anything to do with the rights of the voter! It had elements that were expressly geared to denying the voter’s bid for free and fair elections.

Senator Sinema, just as Senator Manchin, (D-W.Va.), should, must be lauded for her will and determination to stand by what is right by the voter. She has the intelligence and the courage to do what is right by democracy and our Constitution. Her actions to stop the ‘Voting Rights’ bill on its tracks two days after Biden called on the Senate to kill the filibuster, makes her’s the only voice, next to Senator Manchin’s, that can command, the spirit of bipartisanship be practiced, in its best manner possible in the House.

Sinema showed her support for the filibuster rule as she delivered a fiery speech from the Senate floor, giving us much hope for the rightful actions of the Senator in future decisions:

“There’s no need for me to restate my longstanding support for the 60-vote threshold to pass legislation. There’s no need for me to restate it’s role in protecting our country from wild reversals of federal policy.”

“ This week’s harried discussions about Senate rules are but a poor substitute for what I believe could have and should have been a thoughtful public debate at any time over the past year.”

“I will not support actions that worsen the underlying disease of division infecting our Country,” Sinema said in January.

Happily for our Country, there is a Sinema and a Manchin, not many can boast of. In times when your own party representatives act foul in the most egregious of circumstances, to have the likes of a Sinema and a Manchin is a miracle indeed.

Let us all hope 🤞and pray 🤲🏻 our dreams are fulfilled and we are able to progress towards making America great again, soon.

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