As Long as the Political Left Keeps Endorsing Violence, That’s Exactly What We Will Get

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James 

UPDATED on 13th October 2023:

In recent news Ethan Liming a seventeen year old student from Ohio was beaten to death by four gangsters in broad daylight on June 2nd 2022. Akron school, where the murder took place, is a school built by LeBron James’ foundation as per authorities.

May Ethan Liming Rest In Peace ✝️ 💜 💐

These atrocious murders are being committed by numerous murderers all over America and in greater number as of late. The reason being that lawlessness brings about crime in no mean measure nor order.

Who endorses which crimes ?!

Since the beginning of the Summer of 2020, the Democrats and RINOs have aided and abetted in crimes they themselves helped create and foster, while  absolving and bailing the antifa and blm whom they made commit the crimes they committed.

These violent crimes ran in to bringing down of statues and monuments, looting, arson, maiming, murder, desecrating and destroying private and public property. They let the violence which they called “peaceful protests”, continue in states run by them, giving no regard to security measures offered to the states to quell it, by the President, Donald J. Trump. They allowed this dastardly mayhem to continue until they got what they wanted, and that being in this case, a death in the hands of police of one of their own people, a fentanyl addict, George Floyd. Look how they bait their own ‼️ 

Thereafter, they went on to martyr this sorry excuse for a human, by conducting memorials for him as in vigils, and so on, having their industrial media complex report on it a million times over. The Democrat hierarchy, in the likes of Beto O’Rourke and Barack Obama went on to speak of George Floyd to score political points while speaking in reference to the Uvalde, Texas, massacre of twenty one children and teachers at Robb Elementary School, on May 24, 2022, by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

The mass murder was perfectly timed and was accurate to the fact that it fell right on target for George Floyd’s second death anniversary and President Trump billed to speak at the NRA Convention a few days after the mass murder. 

One wonders why these mass murders are always perpetrated on the children and families of the lower class, that of “the masses”, at places they frequent such as in public schools, supermarkets, parks, churches and what you will ?! 

Why has not a single person from the upper class, the elite ever being subjected to a mass shooting or suffered the consequences of a mass shooting to date ?!

Question me an answer. Answer me a question ?!

Those whom the Left calls “insurrectionists” and “domestic enemies” are NOT so, and they are NOT violent after all ‼️‼️‼️ They uphold their RIGHT to hold and carry guns but they are NOT the ones who are violent ‼️‼️

The reason for this fact being so is because the elite are the ones responsible for making these mass murders of “the  masses” on “the masses” take place. For long I have believed that the satanic practices and rituals the elite take part in are responsible for people of this Country going berserk and opening fire rampantly and randomly on those who have NOT wronged them at all. Think about it.

The assailants have NEVER been wronged by their victims. In the same light, “the masses” have NEVER done any crime against the politicians who are ONLY kept alive and thriving on taxpayer funding of “the masses”. What is this dirty evil game that the Left’s political elite foist on We The People?!

This is TERRORISM ‼️‼️‼️

While all of this is perpetrated on us by the elite political class, they call for Defunding the Police, with their own personal security having been secured by your tax dollars, gotten by the sweat of your brow, while they leave you wide open to mass murderers of their own creation.

Doesn’t all this manufactured violent crime, pandemonium, withdrawing of your security, leaving you open to stark violence, total callousness of the politicians point at one thing and one thing alone, that of GOVERNMENT GOVERNING YOU BY TYRANNY ⁉️‼️

What else is a fact ➡️ Government calling for Gun Control and threatening to take away your guns ‼️‼️‼️ Further nullifying and denying you your ability to protect yourself and your family from mass murderers. 

Let me tell you, YOUR SILENCE TO ALL OF THIS IS YOUR CONSENT to live as docile, submissive, compliant SHEEPLE ‼️ You think you have awakened to the TRUTH and that the #GreatAwakening has taken place, but nothing could be further from the truth. We are still extreme versions of your SHEEPLE selves 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑.

This is particularly so because you We The People are doing NOTHING to alleviate or prevent the tyranny, yet. Even when the above facts are brought before you, you do NOT move a muscle to act to change the status quo. You continue to be the silent sheep you all are and have been for decades. 

What is it with the Democrats and RINOs and guns ⁉️⁉️⁉️ They hate guns because they know they are tyrants and tyranny can be scotched only by fire. Fire must be dealt with by fire alone. When the populace is armed like they are in America, there’s NOTHING the Establishment can do to save themselves particularly when they have resorted to tyranny in governing “the masses”. 

Possibly, each time they clamor to disarm We The People, it is a sign that the ruling class has become aware of and have reached a threshold of having governed the People by tyranny.

The Right to use and bear arms is entrenched in the American Constitution through the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights and there’s NOTHING that any one can do to take away that Right. Absolutely, there’s NOTHING that anyone can do to bring it down as, it “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” ‼️‼️‼️

Yet, before we aim our guns at our enemies we must do whatever is possible to be done by peaceful means and that is by forming our very own committees of correspondence. 

Here’s evidence of more virulent type of violence perpetrated on the People by blm –


If the type of violence the Democrats unleash on the People is wielded against them some day soon, they definitely deserve every bit of it to do them in. Let’s hope karma visits them soon. 

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