WAKE UP SHEEP !!! The Sheeple Are Still Not Woken Up To The Truth That Trump Won !!!

By Sereniti James 

I’ve been mulling over things past and present over the period of time I’ve been silent. I came across this  share on Facebook and it immediately sparked an interest in me to write what I felt reading it, and more. Here it is: the most humongous piece of Disinformation, Misinformation and Malinformation on a platter that the now defeated Board of Disinformation needs to face. So let me say at this point – FACT CHECK THIS  FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM !!!!

(Even if you should say so Sheeple – It didn’t go your way after all did it now ?! You are yet unable to get a damn thing done that would go your way !!)!

I even read the comments on this share to find out on which side of the divide they were on and found to my utter amazement that these were who we refer to as regular folks or who do not educate themselves on politics.

Regular folks or normies or sheeple are people who are not politically savvy. They don’t think of any aspect of their lives from a political viewpoint. While they slept, politics took over their very “daily bread”, now that’s a fact !!! 

These are people whom you can call being on the fence. Their votes are decided on very base factors. Some of them may never vote at all. These people are seriously harmful and even toxic to society, when it comes to choosing whom others would want running their county, state and Country.

What do we do with people like them? They are not interested in politics. They will say this to you if you ever broach the question to them.

You could squarely say, they are the reason nothing really good has ever happened in our world, yet. They are people who think nothing bad ever happens. They eat, drink, work, sleep, bear children and repeat the cycle. Before long they succumb to illness and pass away. There may be accidents on the way but from the way they treat life, nothing so eventful ever happens in their lives either.

These people are the bane of the lives of the likes of those who have strong viewpoints on if Trump lost the 2020 Election at all. Most of us believe the Election was rigged and stolen. These regular people are totally oblivious and impervious to everything that actually took place.

This is a very sad fact and reality. It is always a good trait to be knowledgeable on what’s going on around you. Being knowledgeable of your surroundings and acting intelligently on what you find will help you, your family, your community and your Country and ultimately the world at large, in  a very healthy way.

This is the reason why we make memes, share memes, write posts, do podcasts and so on. We do this to educate ourselves and educate those who are unaware of the truth and realities that are out there. Hopefully we will red pill these people in a very good way for themselves and for all of us. They will even be protected from being gaslighted with truth being shared with them.

It is very sad that there are such people even around us in this age of information dissemination given the universality of today’s technology. The worst part about all of this being that some of the community on this Facebook share, was making fun of its contents. There was just one person saying this is not funny. Absolutely it is not funny when you see the gravity of the issue and the resultant atrocities that are going on around us as we speak. Those being Election Fraud, Voter Fraud, and the RINO or Republican In Name Only infestation which comes in the way of establishing Election Integrity and introducing laws that make possible, Free and Fair Elections. 

Are they not aware of how the socialists have weaponized and distorted every aspect of our lives, be it gender, language, the economy, the sovereignty of our borders, our health, our fundamental rights, and even our guns, to tyrannize us?!

Are they not fearful, of the fact, if not for themselves, then for their children and their grandchildren, of how the socialists have abused our lives altogether over many decades of them having been in operation ?! Or are they the very reason why the democrats trivialize every important factor in our lives ?! For, trivializing important issues facing us has become one of the most egregious and shocking ways by which the socialists address or do not address our problems.  

When will these middle-of-the-road, regular folks, normies, the silent majority, the sheeple, whatever you choose to refer to them as, going to take responsibility and accountability for their lives instead of having someone else solve their problems for them all the time?! Why must we have their back in every
situation ?!

These people have got to get off their high horse or their fence and start being active members of society. These silent majority or sheeple are the very reason why we are at a crossroads in our future right now. The sheeple are supposed to have awakened and the great awakening is supposed to have occured, but then we see this kind of stuff being circulated in fake social media. It’s tragic that this should even be the case.

When are the sheeple going to be fully awake and stop being sheeple and become People and We The People ?! Hopefully it happens when the sheeple read this post. Hopefully it is happening while we are focusing on this very issue. Hopefully it is happening right now !!!

For your information – Trump Won A Resounding Landslide Victory in 2020. It is the bogus Left that couldn’t handle the Truth, (and still can’t handle the Truth), who stole the Election from We The People of America, while being complicit in high TREASON in the process of doing so !!!


Restore Our Great American Republic ! NOW !!!

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