Why Are The Socialists Taking Away The Fascination Of Reading From Young Children ???

By Quill 🪶 ‘n’ Ink Pot

I was browsing through the shelves at a bookstore recently trying to pick up a gift for my thirteen year old niece, when I realized the gross fact of what the socialists had turned the fascinating world of reading for children into !!! 

Firstly, they have created this all new and incongruous category called – YOUNG ADULT !!! Why on earth would you want to call children who just turned thirteen by that gross concocted term ?! Obviously ‘WOKISM’ has infiltrated even the books that are being manufactured now, for our children’s edification. Just like they have taken over every aspect of our lives, corrupting them, while we slept oblivious to the fact now staring in our face.

Mind you, they are all New York Times Best Sellers !! What has NYT turned into in the recent years ?! A filthy pool of garbage !

I bought this book called ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ by Jandy Nelson because I didn’t want to get her a used book from past authors, online, however revered they may be. I started reading it and found the contents about getting “a hard-on”, was not exactly what I would want my thirteen year old niece to have to grapple with in a book presented to her by her conservative aunt ! This book was on the shelves for those the assistant at the bookstore said were for “Young Adults” !!! 

I read through the entire book and found it was more suitable for me than for my niece to read, even though it was catalogued for children. I read on and found the editors had attached a part of Jandy Nelson’s second book … at the end of the first story. This was done as a step to promote her second book, obviously. To my utter dismay the story was based on a boy who was once again having “a hard-on”, discovering he was gay, to boot. It is absolutely gross to do this kind of sneaky maneuvering in a book of fiction for children of thirteen and over. This book definitely suited an adult more than it did a child.

Besides, being an avid reader of books, I know for a fact that writing becomes tripe when you overtly state something. Creative writing as in fiction or what is better called prose, shines when something is mentioned with subtlety and finesse, making the reader’s imagination work out the rest. This is the yardstick or the word strength by which a novel is judged. 

There are many tools of language that are used in writing. Innuendo, idiomatic expression, the use of synonyms and antonyms, metaphors, similes, descriptive prose, narration, and the like.

These ‘books’ that line the book shelves of bookstores these days are badly in need of a good tossing out of the better part of them. 

Now I’m not about to deny the writer some praise for having attempted a story about a boy, while herself being a woman. I can commend her that much. 

Sensationalism must be carefully restricted to the tabloid newspapers that are meant for snoopy adults to nose around. Sensationalism does not augur well for the widening of children’s knowledge and the improvement of their language skills.

When I was in fifth grade my friends introduced me to the glorious world of Enid Blyton, especially the Fatty series of child detectives and adventure: The Five Find Outers. This series truly took me to a world of wonder and adventure which has not been replicated for me by any other to date, except for Roald Dahl. Reading them took me to a different world, a world I had never been to before.

Thereafter I graduated on to reading detectives. James Hadley Chase being my most favorite, while I would read an Agatha Christie when a Hadley Chase was not making the borrowers rounds amongst my classmates.

My classmates were hooked on reading romances which had nothing of the eerie stuff that has become the mainstay of stories of love of the present day, sadly. There’s absolutely no aspect of our lives that these socialists have not spread their deadly tentacles 🦑 🐙 around, is there ?!

It is truly dastardly that politically saturated adults should invade the world of children and corrupt that beautiful world with their gruesome views of life which they have already distorted into degeneracy for the adults themselves. 

As Bob Dylan and Joan Baez says: “When will they ever learn?/ When will they ever learn?”. (From his song, Where Have All The Flowers Gone).

A child’s world must only be enhanced with fascination and not be clouded and besmirched into nightmares that adults themselves don’t feel comfortable reading. If only these adults put themselves in the child’s shoes and stopped meddling in their world of wonderment !

 I strongly believe Realism is a genre befitting adults,  only..

Children don’t need to focus on “hard-ons” and gay exposures at the age when they should be transported into worlds full of magic and adventure. Children will fast outgrow this age and then it will be too late for them to enjoy that world with all of its wonder.. 

The socialists surreptitiously introduced these grotesque ideas into children’s books, somewhere way down into the word count. Just like they surreptitiously introduced the fourth branch of government, the Administrative State, to the Constitution, in between We The People and the legislature, so the Government does not have to be accountable to the People !!! 

Then the adults sit and wonder why so many young people have turned into mass murdering shooters. They then blame it on guns. See how they create the problem and create the solution to that problem which is another problem !!! There is no end to the problems that these socialists have brought upon us.

Let children grow as children. Keep your ugly adult hands and your polluted adult minds to yourselves. Like Pink Floyd says: “Teacher, leave them kids alone/ Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone…we don’t need no education/ We don’t need no thought control…” (From their song, Another Brick In the Wall). 

It has been bad enough for the adults, this constant belligerent interference into their freedoms and life, imagine what a disaster it is when these socialist globalist, self seeking, self absorbed adults clobber the children with their disgusting views on how and what their story time should be like.

To get back to my book hunting escapade, I also found while researching on children’s books that some of the writers don’t even stick to grammatical English. One common mistake I found was in saying – I and my friend, instead of, my friend and I. The reason for this being, all and sundry becoming writers of books. Everybody and their grandmother is a book writer today. It has reached the nadir point. 

Why do we want our children to read books ? It is because we want them to improve their language and their knowledge, apart from indulging in the joy it brings. For, books can take you to places beyond existence. All this, brought forth through the creative minds of writers. We have adventure, fantasy, action, history, mythology and hordes of genres to pick from. Not forgetting romance. 

Why would we want to send our children down the gory path of being brainwashed with political ideology when they have so much more afforded to them in well written books ? My belief is that once you read what you should as a child, your adult life is already made for you. You become a more well rounded adult if you have done what you should have done when you were a child. 

Why have the socialist democrats condemned our children’s most valued pastime and pursuit to damnation ???? 

Stop 🛑  ✋🏻 indoctrinating our children. Let the children be ! Let the children grow ! Let the children live in peace, love and harmony.

“Leave them kids alone”.

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