Judge Greenlights Investigation into Big Tech Colluding against Free Speech

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A federal judge has greenlighted an investigation into major Big Tech companies over allegations they have been colluding to stifle free speech.

The federal judge approved a lawsuit that was filed by attorneys general Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana.

The ruling will allow investigations in the case to move forward.

The case alleges that the oligarchs of Silicon Valley, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, colluded with Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration in an effort to violate the First Amendment rights of American citizens.

The suit, which was initially filed in May, names Biden and several of his top officials and agencies, including Jen Psaki, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, the NIH, the Department of Homeland Security, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and many others.

The lawsuit alleges that the Biden admin conspired with Big Tech companies to enforce speech and thought conformity on the Internet.

The Biden White House has been battling to stop AG Schmitt from advancing his case that seeks to end censorship of speech online.

Despite the setbacks, the federal judge in the suit guaranteed that Schmitt could conduct a critical series of investigations.

The judge approved probes into five Big Tech companies of Schmitt’s choice.

The ruling gives Schmitt’s office full authority to see requested documents and depose executives.

While filing the lawsuit in May, Schmitt argued that his case will take on big government and Big Tech, “two of the biggest, most corrupt institutions that are out there.”

“The government can’t violate the First Amendment by suppressing speech, and the government can’t outsource that also to the Big Tech partners,” told Fox News at the time.

“And that’s what we’re alleging in this lawsuit. And we’re taking on two of the biggest, most corrupt institutions that are out there, big government and Big Tech…

“First, they hold over these special protections that Big Tech has, principally section 230, which makes them immune from typical liability because they’re not considered a publisher.

“So they hold that over, the Left does, unless they censor more.

“The second way they do it is the direct collusion that we see now and Jen Psaki in press conferences has told us with her own words that they’re working directly with Facebook to flag, quote-unquote, disinformation.

“And this has played itself out on a number of different fronts, whether it was the laptop from hell, election integrity issues, certainly during COVID with the origins of COVID and then with the efficacy of masks.

“So those are just a few examples.

“But in this lawsuit, we’re essentially alleging that they’re violating the First Amendment, and they’re doing it with their big tech partners, and it needs to stop.”

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