On Touting Breaking News Stories and Rehashing Them Over Again

In the Spotlight

By Sereniti James 

I’m reading through numerous conservative news sites, having only sometimes checked out liberal news sites as they are pervaders of fake news, and this is what I find 👇🏻

⚫️ regular happenings in the political and social arena being important to the sites providing us with what is going on. Simply put, if nothing ever happened and everything went on well, there would be nothing sensational to report on, for these sites. 

⚫️ regular rehashing of the same material being brought forth under differently labeled titles with the body of the news items or the contents being the same. Some of these news items are not even being reworded as to what they are rehashing. This being the plain truth about the thinking of the liberal elite that “the masses” are ignorant and therefore can be lied to with impunity !!! This is the liberal belief that politicians are not accountable to “the masses”. Unfortunately, it is the same reality being undertaken by conservative news sites as well, of today.

There’s no original thinking involved in any of these posts on the news being presented, nor do they intelligently debunk the stand of the opposition. There is absolutely no brain work involved in writing these articles.

The truth about all of this is that if there was no disaster happening in the world all the time, there would be nothing to report on, or rather, regurgitate, would there ?! The sad truth about bringing the news to “the masses” is just that. 

NEWS stands for North East West South.

May it be Just The News or Hundred Percent Fed Up or any of the other conservative news site, they depend on regular occurrences of interest to the public to churn out material for the public to read. I’m speaking only of the written news outlets and not the video outlets that give out the news, which are no better.

The Gateway Pundit is the only exception in all of this. That being, they do not engage in sensationalism, and they do not rehash the same material over and over. They do not engage in click bait either, for the most part. 

In the process of sharing the news as we did to Leafblogazine’s Instagram account, Epoch Times somehow found we were too outspoken, brash or rash in the way we created memes of their headlines and pictures. They apparently removed us from their emailing list. So much for transparency.

The fact that newspapers 📰 🗞 as they first appeared depended on catastrophe and cacophony that gave rise to publicity devoured by the people, is indisputable. 

According to the History of Newspaper Publishing, the newspaper started as follows:

“The modern newspaper is a European invention.[1] The oldest direct handwritten news sheets circulated widely in Venice as early as 1566. These weekly news sheets were full of information on wars and politics in Italy and Europe. The first printed newspapers were published weekly in Germany from 1609. Typically, they were heavily censored by the government and reported only foreign news and current prices. After the English government relaxed censorship in 1695, newspapers flourished in London and a few other cities including Boston and Philadelphia. By the 1830s, high-speed presses could print thousands of papers cheaply, allowing low daily costs.”

The Establishment’s  political and war industrial complex, keeping alive their media industrial complex furthered by their medical industrial complex and the carousel goes round and round. What goes around coming around !!!

It is interesting to note that the Renaissance period in Europe then coincided with the American Revolution of the seventeen hundreds, across the Atlantic.

“The Renaissance was a fervent period of European cultural, artistic, political and economic “rebirth” following the Middle Ages. Generally described as taking place from the 14th century to the 17th century, the Renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature and art. Some of the greatest thinkers, authors, statesmen, scientists and artists in human history thrived during this era, while global exploration opened up new lands and cultures to European commerce. The Renaissance is credited with bridging the gap between the Middle Ages and modern-day civilization.”

With the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in Germany, in 1450, ideas spread quickly as communication improved around Europe. This invention could be regarded as the single most important factor to have influenced dissemination of the truth and that of most of creative endeavor.

Scholars at the time believed that “advances in international finance and trade impacted culture in Europe and set the stage for the Renaissance.”

These occurrences invoked a sense of individuality in man that gave him the strength of conviction in his beliefs and ideas that lead him to recreate his views in the form of literary endeavors, artistic executions and in breakthrough scientific advancement and discovery.

It was a great period in human resurgence of every form and mode that is yet unparalleled. Not even the Age of Information as we are in today, made possible entirely by the Internet, has been able to equal the Renaissance in its all encompassing multifarious, multifaceted, multitude that it beheld.

To this era was born the newspaper as we know it. Every nuance of it was already in place for it to become a staple of everyman’s breakfast, let’s say. People would be seen having their morning coffee in cafes across the world, staring into the newspaper. 

Until today this is the scene of Melbourne, Australia, where I holidayed a few years back. Newspapers flourished especially in the English speaking world and it spread widely to other languages. 

Journalism became a subject taught in universities. Multiple publishing houses and newspaper companies began to mushroom in many places in their numbers. Alexander Hamilton’s august newspaper created in the seventeen hundreds lives in the form of the New York Post. So does Benjamin Franklin’s Pennsylvania Gazette. I’m hoping that Leafblogazine continues in its quest for disseminating the truth going into the future years.

The typical British newspaper was literally ironed by a butler as it arrived through the paper boys of London, to the average upper class gentleman’s residence, This is both a literal and figurative gesture as in killing any germs that may be held within, as well as in figuratively ironing out any dirty information it may hold. This is apart from rendering the newspaper presentable.

London streets would abound with paper boys who would be crying out, “…read all about it”, as they ventured to sell their newspapers.  

The dawn of the tabloid is entirely attributed to the British newspaper business. The British Tabloids as they would be referred to, held juicy stories of those who held celebrity status be it in politics, movies, finance, or other important area of life of that era.

The typical  newspaper contained breaking news, other news worthy items, features articles, classified section, children’s pages, wedding announcements, obituary notices, movies showing at cinemas, crossword puzzles, comic strips, the sports page and limericks.

Here’s a limerick worthy of being shared here –

“There was a young lady named Hall,

Wore a newspaper dress to a ball.

The dress caught on fire

And burned her entire

Front page, sporting section, and all.”

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