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Update 19th August 2022:

****Why don’t we advocate contraception and abortion related issues for men and not just women. Are Students For Life a women only affair ? Why not train guys to go around advocating for anti-abortion ? I like to ask Kristan Hawkins, President Students for Life of America, about this. This approach will bring about a massive turn around of events for the anti-abortion advocacy campaign. Just because the Democrat voiced pro-abortion campaign focuses on women alone, that does not mean us conservatives must tread in the same path. They call themselves ‘progressives’, but they have proven themselves to be nothing but !!!

Just look at the way they go about addressing the issue of transgenderism and gender transformational surgery. They blow their horn so loud that it smacks of a African village hunting down girls for brutal circumcisions at puberty. They are so motivated by monetary gain and status related to the issue that they look like a bunch of South Asian parents who celebrate their daughters’ assumption to puberty worthy of a ceremony that bring them gold, money and status, at the same time announcing to the men in the community that their daughter is ready for marriage !!! Jane’s Revenge constitutes neither equality nor progress. Where is the progress ? – Leafblogazine

Dear Jaywardena,

The moment college students set foot on their campuses, Planned Parenthood propagandists and their allies pounce on them.

At some schools, students are handed Planned Parenthood tote bags chock-full of free condoms and handbooks encouraging them to “experiment”…

In many others, school administrators praise Planned Parenthood as a “trusted resource” for students – providing phone numbers and directions to the nearest abortion facility.

Some colleges even offer school credit for students who intern at local Planned Parenthoods.

And as if all of that weren’t bad enough, at one college in Idaho, students were given “Buy-One-Get-One-Free” coupons for at-home abortion drugs. And before the recent ban went into effect, TWO abortion facilities in Indiana began offering “student discounts” at the start of the school year for abortions!

Jayawardena, this is the pro-abortion filth students had to deal with on campus BEFORE the U.S. Supreme Court FINALLY reversed Roe v. Wade – ending nearly 50 years of federally-imposed abortion-on-demand across all 50 states.

But now – believing that turning out pro-abortion young people may be the ONLY way they can hang on to Congress in November – Planned Parenthood is prepared to blitz college campuses like never before in a desperate search for new “customers” and new voters.

That’s why I’m counting on your action today.

Will you please consider signing up as a Students for Life Guardian with a monthly recurring contribution of $10, $15, $30, $50, or whatever amount is in your heart?

Sadly, many pro-lifers didn’t understand that reversing Roe v. Wade wasn’t a silver bullet to abolish abortion immediately.

It’s still going to take hard work month-after-month to change the culture, expose the lies of the Abortion Lobby, and change laws.

Students for Life’s Guardian monthly contributors will continue to play a critical role in all of our efforts.

Not only that, I’m bracing for this new school year to be the most violent we’ve ever experienced.

Already this year, we’ve had to file a complaint with the FBI against Jane’s Revenge, who the Wall Street Journal called, “a pro-abortion Ku Klux Klan.”

This is the same organization taking credit for firebombing and vandalizing pro-life organizations across the nation.

In recent years, my team and our on-campus volunteers have experienced everything from name-calling, destruction of property, and threats of violence, including:

*** At the University of Northern Iowa, where the student government officially labeled Students for Life as a “Hate Group.”  

Not only that, but during the Zoom call in which they labeled us a hate group, they claimed OUR opinions were ones that get people killed;

*** At the University of Texas-San Antonio, where pro-abortion protesters vandalized our Cemetery of Innocents display, which featured 910 pink crosses representing the little boys and girls lost to abortion at Planned Parenthood every day.  

The protesters sang, “Hey, stop, what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground!”  One young woman even pointed to a cross and cackled, “Look, there’s mine right there!”;

*** In California, where police had to use bomb-sniffing dogs to ensure pro-abortion Antifa thugs weren’t planning to blow me up along with the dozens of students who came to see my speech; and

*** At Western Washington University, where a banner advertising my appearance and showing my face was set on fire.

I’ve told our leaders to brace for the worst this school year – because they are accomplishing what no one thought possible just a few years ago.

They’re standing up to Planned Parenthood and winning. 

They’re the reason polls show young people are decidedly pro-life. 

They’re the reason we’re beginning to succeed in making abortion unthinkable (and illegal) in this new Post-Roe America. 

With everything ahead of us in the coming school year, will you please consider becoming a Students for Life Guardian monthly contributor to help me continue our life-saving work?

Your support as a Guardian monthly contributor will help:

1) Guarantee a steady flow of resources I know I can count on every month, which can be critical to my ability to grow SFLA’s new programs. Anyone who’s ever run a business, major project, or even set a home budget knows it’s nearly impossible to effectively plan ahead without an accurate projection of future resources;

2) Ensure I’m able to quickly respond to Planned Parenthood’s attacks. Planned Parenthood is more determined than ever to gain a foothold on America’s college and high school campuses. With a steady flow of resources from Guardian monthly contributors, Students for Life will always be prepared to fight back;

3) Identify and train the next generation of pro-life leaders. You can’t manage a big army without competent leaders. The national grassroots army that Students for Life is building requires constant training for young people who are willing to dedicate their lives to abolishing abortion. Guardian monthly contributors play a major role in funding our trainings.

 Jayawardena, I know the Guardian monthly giving program might not be for everyone. 

But I decided some years ago I was committing my life to the battle to end abortion-on-demand – an issue my children have shown me is more important than any other. 

If you agree, I hope I can count on you to sign up as a Guardian monthly contributor – whether that’s with a contribution of $10 a month (just $0.33 a day) or some other amount. 

If you sign up as a Guardian with a monthly recurring contribution of $50 or more, my staff will send you an exclusive Guardians embroidered 50″x60″ blanket!

All you have to do is click here to access our secure Guardian signup page to get started. 

You can sign up once and your tax-deductible gift will be automatically deducted from your account on the same day each month. 

If you ever want to change the amount you give, our staff will be happy to help you.

Thank you so much for all you do!

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins

President, Students for Life of America

P.S. – With so much at stake in the coming months, I’m praying you’ll please consider signing up as a Students for Life Guardian monthly contributor. Guardians are so critical in a post-Roe America, ensuring Students for Life has the resources to ramp up our life-saving programs and respond to Planned Parenthood’s attacks.

So, will you please click here to sign up as a Guardian monthly contributor right away?

Or, if you’d prefer to make a one-time gift please click here.

Students for Life of America
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Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Office: 540.834.4600

Students for Life of America, as a Section 501(c)(3) charity under the Internal Revenue Code, your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. When the amount needed for the specific need(s) referenced in this mailing is raised, any contributions that exceed the amount needed will be used in the area of greatest need as determined by SFL, even if that need is unrelated to the specific request in this mailing.

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