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By Don T. Mashak

D’Nieka Marie: Dope Discussion on Binary Relationships at Tree Level!


   Tinder, Bumble, etc. evince that women find only 20% of men to be of high “Mate Value”. The “Mate Value” of women almost always decreases with age, with highest “Mating Value” usually at ages 18-29. This because men most highly value fertility & beauty. But 3rd Wave Feminism has “Modern Women” chasing “Chads” & “Tyrones” at these ages. At age 30, most women “Hit The Wall”. Age 30+ women, find Chad & Tyrone no longer want them, preferring younger women. Just when these Age 30+ women see their child-bearing years are coming to an end, they realize the “Plan A” high value men they wanted as “Baby-Daddy” & Long-Term Relationships (LTRs), no longer want them. So now they are reduced to pursuing “Plan B” & choosing from Men previously not in the top 20% Mate Value.

    However, Mate Value of Men usually increases with age; they gain assets, maturity & character.  As women age, these attributes increase in importance relative to appearance, in assigning Mate Value. But when Age 30+ women seek top 20% Mate Value, older men for relationships (LRT or STR), they find themselves competing with Age 18-29 women. Age 30+ women find these older men, whom they mostly ignored when they were younger, have greatly increased their Mate Value. Age 30+ women find these older men desire, & can attract, Age 18-29 women. Sadly, women Age 30+ soon “Hit The Wall”.

    In summary, women wanting a traditional Binary relationship should spend ages 18-29, “Red-Pilling” themselves, dating the highest Mate Value man they can attract & entice him to wife them. As opposed to, riding the Chad & Tyrone Carousel & likely spending the rest of their lives alone, bitter & childless. MOTHERS TEACH YOUR DAUGHTERS!

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WESTERN WORLD LEVEL (Short, Short Version) 

   What do 3 rich, old white guys have to do with 3rd Wave Feminism?

   Let’s begin with a little more Tree Level discussion and return to the Western World Level to summarize & explain the What & the Why these 3 rich, old, white guys are involved in 3rd Wave Feminism.


 These 3 rich, old, white guys paid “Community Organizers” to covertly & duplicitously whip various demographic groups into a frenzy over real or perceive injustices & inequalities. (Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, 1971) Never revealing they were paid to mislead & manipulate their assigned demographic group, the majority of the demographic group accepted thoughts, suggestions and directions as bring organic, sincere and intended to protect the welfare and promote the best interests of the Group. As a member of the group, the group did not give his input & actions the scrutiny an outsider would normally receive. Therefore, these Community Organizers appeared to be an authentic member of the demographic group they were tasked with covertly manipulating. These Community Organizers used implied credibility and trustworthiness as a presumed member of the demographic group to infiltrate & manipulate into thoughts and actions to advance the agenda of the 3 rich, old, white guys. 

[Edward Bernays, “Propaganda”, 1928 & Video “Edward Bernays & the Art of Public Manipulation: 

(I do not embed URL’s because I post across many different venues, vectors, platforms & publications that do not support embedded URL Links)]

   In the USA, these Covert Community Organizers were assigned various organizations & Demographic Groups. Some examples are: Racial groups (BLM, CRT), immigrant groups (Open Borders), women groups (3rd Wave Feminism), Poor groups (Southern Poverty Center, Occupy), and religious groups (Lutherans, Protestants, Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, etc.), Labor Unions, Community Groups, and Political Groups & Parties [Antifa, Move-On, Democratic Party (DINOs), Republican Party (RINOs). This is just a short list to let you ladies know, you were not singled out for this evil treatment and deception, nor you the only demographic group to be duped by these 3 rich, old, white, guys.

WESTERN WORLD LEVEL (Short, Short Version)

   The end goal of these 3 rich, old, white guys is a New World Order (NWO) under One World Government (OWG). These 3 rich, old, white guys fund & run the worldwide Progressive Globalist Elite coup as a front for their evil intent & agenda.

   In this New World Order these 3, rich, old, white guys envision humanity as a single “Social Organism” (Pages 101-102, Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics & American Economics in the Progressive Era, 2016, by Hardcore, Practicing, Progressive Professor, Thomas Leonard) 1 of these 3 rich, old, white guys has repeatedly said Red China should lead this New World Order.

   US Progressivism, UK Fabian Socialism & German Nazism all began as Social Darwinism. The masses worldwide rejected the evil Social Darwinist philosophies & agenda. The Social Darwinists in US, UK & Germany rebranded to their respective new names so they could covertly continue the evil Social Darwinist Agenda. American Progressives determined they would keep their true agenda secret. Their strategy was to advance their evil agenda by hiding it in legislation and polices that appeared to be in the best interest of WE THE PEOPLE, but instead advanced the Progressive Agenda**. 

   UK Fabian Socialists promoted a “Paradigm Shift*” away from traditional Warfare & revolution by sudden overwhelming force. The “Shot Heard Around The World”, signaled all Americans of the need to resist, revolt & take up arms. To avoid this “signaling” of the masses of any target society of the need to defend themselves, UK Fabian Socialist embraced this paradigm shift in revolution & warfare called “Permeation”. Permeation Warfare calls for slow, covert infiltration over generations so no one generation experiences enough change to be moved to resist, revolt or mount a counter-revolution. 

   US Progressives adopted the Fabian Socialist “Permeation” warfare. US Progressives began by slowly infiltrating our US Federal & State governments. Circa 1913, Progressives in our government created a 4th (or 5th) branch of government called the “Administrative State” (Pages 40-49, Illiberal Reformers, Ibid.) This Administrative State is the spearhead in this nontraditional Progressive Globalist Coup ( Progressives assert the masses are too stupid to Govern themselves. And that Progressive Elites are superior to the masses, and therefore not accountable to the masses. (Pages 51-53, Illiberal Reformers, Ibid.) Progressive Elites also assert the individual has no unalienable rights. (Pages 24-25, Ibid.)  The Administrative State was inserted between WE THE PEOPLE and the original 3 branches of government to limit their accountability to WE THE PEOPLE. All Agencies of the Administrative State are pursing the agenda and goals of Progressive Globalist Agenda as directed by these 3 rich, old white guys. The Federal Reserve (Banking) System, Federal Trade Commission, the FBI, CIA and the rest of the Intelligence Agencies are all agencies of the Administrative State.

   The most important thing Permeation requires is that the sights, sounds & smells associated with traditional warfare so the masses of the target society are not signaled that they are under attack and need to defend themselves. Battles in this new Warfare Paradigm look far different from those in the traditional warfare paradigm***. 

   Instead of widespread killing, Progressives far more often engage in character assassinations, blackmail, blacklisting rigged Court decisions & Rigged Elections. Instead of overt traditional warfare, Progressive Globalists resort to distract, divide and conquer tactics so the masses are distracted from issues that might move them to revolt or resist, and/or prevent them from uniting against the Progressive Globalist Elites. To limit the masses from ESTABLISHING TRUTH for themselves, comparing each other’s observations and reasoning, reaching consensus & forming a course of action for redress of grievances with the government, mass media like Mainstream Media and the Internet are censored and publish propaganda and/or persons promoting TRUTH that contradicts the Progressive Globalist narrative are cancelled, etc. etc. The Intelligence Agencies Spy on all Americans to Identify Enemies of the Progressive Globalist Coup. For most of you, only now that the paradigm shift in revolution and warfare has been revealed to you and examples have been provided are you beginning to recognize these as act of wars in this new paradigm. You can begin to determine for yourself whether what I have written is true; Just make this page your screen saver/ background or put it on your refrigerator. Then whenever you see it, ask yourself what has been happening in America lately &/or yesterday make more sense in the perspective of reality I have provided here or from the perspective of reality painted by the US Mainstream Media & Progressive Globalist Political Establishment. It should be obvious.

   Another vector of Permeation Warfare is the privately-owned Federal Reserve (Banking) System. Drawing on their Social Darwinist roots, Progressive Globalist assert the rich have the right to exploit the masses. They assert the rich are genetically superior as allegedly evinced by their greater wealth. (aka Survival of the Fittest). While the rich exploit the masses in a variety of ways, our government also exploits the masses in ways far beyond overt Taxes. The Federal Reserve (Banking) System exploits the masses by stealing half or more of what each American make every day. They do this through their “Debt Based Fiat Money” Criminal Conspiracy. The windfall profits from this exploitation of the masses is the primary source of funding for the Progressive Globalist Coup. Bribes, Political Contributions and other consideration are primarily paid for out of these windfall profits.

These last 8 paragraphs were necessary to bring us to the What & the Why of why these 3 rich, old, white guys were involved in running and funding 3rd Wave Feminism.

   As we have previously mentioned, Progressive Globalist don’t see humanity as comprised of Billions of autonomous Individuals. Rather, they see humanity as a single “Social Organism”. These 3 rich, old, white guys are involved in 3rd Wave Feminism to slowly, covertly and incrementally move toward their true end goal of humanity managed as a single “Social Organism”. To that end:

    1) Progressive Globalist Elites want to destroy the traditional family unit so children come to rely on the Progressive Hive Community;

    2) Progressive Globalist Elites want children to spend more time under the supervision of Government;

    3) Progressive Globalist Elites don’t want their subjects to have torn loyalties between their parents & Progressive King & Queen bees;

    4) The Progressive Globalist Elites want to practice Eugenics on Humanity;

    5) Progressive Globalist Elites want to breed humans like livestock;

    6) Progressive Globalist Elites want to want to reduce the population of the earth by 90% by 2050;

    7) If worker bees have no rights, they can be ordered to their own deaths on the premise it is in the best interests of the Progressive Hive Community;

    8) Progressive Globalist Elites want to further divide & conquer the masses by pitting men & women against each other;

    9) By convincing women (and other demographic groups) that they will fix their real &/or perceived injustices, Progressive Globalist Elites will manipulate women to vote for their own Progressive Candidates.

   As an analogy, the masses will used as expendable worker bees, without any rights, and will serve the Progressive Hive Community in a role determined solely by the wealthy, Progressive Globalist King & Queen Bees, and their Educated Elite Technocrat subordinates. The Progressive Globalist Elite will ESTABLISH TRUTH for everyone. When fully implemented, Progressive Common Core Education/Indoctrination will assign children their careers in 2nd Grade. Based on a single test given in 2nd grade, in consultation with the projected skill corporations will need, when the child graduates Progressive Technocrats will assign them a career. From then on, all of their education will be directed towards learning skills for that career. (Don’t want to waste Progressive Hive Community resources letting student worker bees explore their interests & abilities). In short, no more, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

  These 3 rich, old, white guys are Jacob Rothschild, George Soros and David Rockefeller (died 2017). 

  These 3 rich, old, white guys are evil racists, Xenophobes & Sexists who want to practice Eugenics on humanity. They will say have their coopted government officials and representatives say and promise anything necessary to get the masses to vote for them so they can consolidate power. Once they consolidate power, these 3 rich, old, white guys will revert to their evil original nature and evil agenda.

   Is this the future you desire for your children, grandchildren and humanity? If NOT, YOU MUST ACT.

   The 2 major parties have been compromised by these 3 rich, old, white guys by cash & blackmail. The 2 major parties and our government, Judiciary & Law Enforcement have become domestic enemies. These 3 rich, old white guys have divided and conquered the masses using Community Organizers to covertly stir up trouble & division among the masses by pretending to be organic members of various demographic groups. And, then exploiting the trust & credibility created by being seen as a member of the target demographic group, to use covert PsyOps upon that particular demographic group.

   The masses must stop allowing themselves to be divided and conquered. IMHO, the first step must be meeting in person locally, without politicians present. The First order of business must be to ESTABLISH A COMMON TRUTH. This should be an effective Counter-Measure to the deliberate division and conquering of the masses by the Progressive Globalist Elites. You must cross party lines, with Center-Left & Center-Right being the most workable marriage of perspectives. This is the natural majority representing 67% of folks in the middle of the Political Spectrum. Once a Common Truth has been established, a plot a course of peaceful remedy by Democratic Process.

   I know this is intimidating, but if you love your children and humanity, you will deep down into your soul and find the talent and skill to participate and move your group forward in a positive direction. If know great Statesfolks (Statemen) arise among you to prevent division, each participant must find it in themselves to overcome their shyness and fear of judgement, & put out the fires of division. Eventually, these local groups must connect and unite with others around the country.

   Our Founder’s called these groups, “Committees of Correspondence”. Eventually, Individuals from among these groups were elected to serve in what became the “Continental Congress”. Why reinvent the wheel, if a model with proven success has already been invented? 

Per Ben Franklin, “Unite or Die!”

In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

Foot Notes

* What is a Paradigm Shift?

A paradigm is an overarching assumption undergirding a general worldview. In the scientific community, this means the baseline beliefs about physics, biology, and other disciplines that experts take for granted as true.

** [e.g., The Minimum Wage Laws appeared to increase the wages of the masses. But the Racist intent was actually to starve out minorities, stop immigrants from wanting to come here & to put women back in the kitchen where they belonged. They would do this by raising the Minimum Wage so high that business would only hire White Men, because allegedly only White Men would be productive enough to produce enough value to cover the higher Minimum Wage (Pages 158-164, Ibid. Illiberal Reformers)]

*** The change in the Western World from that belief the world is Flat to the World is Round occurred during the Renaissance (1450AD – 1750AD). In 1610AD, Galileo challenged the Forced Metaphysics of the Church that the Earth was the center of the Universe. This Paradigm Shift was so unsettling that Galileo was almost burned at the stake, but owing to his fame and popularity he only spent the last decades of his life under house arrest. A Paradigm Shift in Physics Occurred when the theory of Phlogiston was disproved as accurately explaining combustion circa 1780. A Medical Paradigm Shift Occurred when Bacteria and Viruses displaced the “4 Humors” theory of Illness. Imagine how unbelievable these paradigm shifts were to the average person who lived while they were occurring.  By refusing to adopt the new paradigm and operating in a Perspective of Reality defined by these old, displaced paradigms the individual risks looking foolish, making bad decisions that adversely affect them economically or physically and even death.  Things look completely different when view from the perspective of the old paradigm than the current paradigm.

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