Podcast: *Unbelievable* Jeremy Brown Trial Update. A Complete Overview of Entire Case

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By Brian Lupo 

Published December 10, 2022

By The Gateway Pundit contributor Brian Lupo

UPDATED on 30th October 2023: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/biggest-jan-6-patriot-panel-ever-live-tonight/

EDIT from Podcast: the chest rig found in the RV was NOT Jeremy Brown’s, according to Jeremy himself.  Also: the CD did NOT appear on evidence logs OR the photograph log

Earlier this week, I traveled to Tampa, FL on behalf of The Gateway Pundit to observe the trial of Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown, a retired Green Beret with 20 years of service to the United States in our elite Special Forces.  I was expecting to hear a somewhat normal trial and report on it as such.  I am still in disbelief about the circumstances that have unfolded during this trial.  Follow me on The Gateway Pundit and on TruthSocial @CannCon as we continually update readers on the progress of the trial.

Monday morning begins the closing arguments and deliberations by the jury are set to begin in the case.  Master Sergeant Brown was approached by the FBI in December 2020 and asked to be a paid informant on January 6th.  He refused.

Brown then attended the protest in Washington DC over the 2020 election results.  He never went into the Capitol building and is seen on recording helping save a woman who fell down in the crowd and getting her to safety before she was trampled to death by the large crowd that was instigated by tear gas and flashbangs from authorities.

After the events on January 6th, Brown returned to his home in Florida.  Upon seeing testimony of FBI Director Christopher Wray refusing to answer questions about informants embedded in the crowd on that day, Jeremy Brown became upset knowing that he personally was approached about being a confidential informant.  And he had the video evidence.

He released the video and almost instantly it seems he became a target of federal agencies.

He was eventually arrested on September 30th, 2021 during a 20+ man five-hour raid on his property where they allegedly found 2 M67 fragmentation grenades and a CD containing classified documents.

On Friday night, I had the opportunity to sit down with Brown’s “Campaign Commander” and another close associate of Jeremy Brown.  In this podcast, we go over much of the details from the case starting on December 2020.  We cover the broken chain of custody on the CD, the “classified” document being used against Jeremy that was not a classified document (and would have been determined as such if the US Attorney’s Office did their due diligence on the evidence) and other deceptive tactics used against Master Sergeant Brown.

If you would like to donate to Brown’s defense fund, you can do so here.  He is prepared to take this case to the Supreme Court.  If you would like to subscribe for free to my podcast, you can do so here.



Some of my key takeaways from the case thus far:

  • The prosecutions case revolved around calling witnesses to testify to the “importance” and “potential national security threat” of this Secret information being disclosed to unauthorized sources
  • The charges were two counts related to unregistered NFA firearms, three counts related to the grenades that were allegedly found in his possession, four counts related to classified documents on a CD that was not in the photographed evidence log
  • The aforementioned CD was not seen by the FBI Staff Specialist in charge of documenting the evidence, and didn’t have a photography until months and months later when one emerged without an official date and time stamp.  The CD was clearly marked with a large red “SECRET” sticker on the case that would have been difficult for a trained specialist to miss
  • The frag grenades were located in two pouches on a flak jacket “found” in Brown’s RV.  There was dog hair, human hair and textile fibers found on the tape around the grenades.  None of them matched Brown, his dogs, or carpet found anywhere the FBI compared it to from his property
  • The grenades have no timeline given with the locations the lot numbers from the grenades have been checked in at during their time in service.  The locations are, however, documented but it was never mentioned if their locations ever correlated with locations that Brown may have had access during his military career
  • We heard how sensitive the documents were and the impacts they could have on national security, however, it took the FBI almost a full year before they even put in an order to have the CD examined by digital forensics expert (requested 8/22/22 and examined 9/12/22).  It is unclear if they examined the contents prior to that, however, the digital forensics expert stated how important it was to take a forensic image of the CD first and use that for any evaluations.  The only known forensic image was created 9/12/22 so any prior examination would have broken the chain of custody
  • The US Attorney asked Brown during his testimony if he said “I could tell a bag of lies and the people would love me”
  • Brown clarified what he actually said (indirect quote):  I can be long winded and my attorney doesn’t like that but I need to tell the truth.  I could tell a bag of lies and the people would love me for it.  But I don’t care if they like or love me.  I care about getting the truth out.
  • Count 10 involved a physical document found in Brown’s briefcase.  The document was alleged to be a classified document and testified to by several experts as such. However, defense attorney Roger Futerman continually asked experts if the document was a draft or a final copy.  Each expert testified that even if it was a draft it was still classified.
  • Brown revealed that the document was not, in fact, classified and was simply a template used to create classified documents, which does not make it a classified document in and of itself.  The contents of the document were not classified but just “fill” that he could insert classified information into when he had proper access to the appropriate classified computers.
  • It is unclear if the US Attorney’s Office did their due diligence on the document and examined Brown’s copy versus the actual submitted document, but according to Brown they would have noticed that the information was inconsistent if they had done this due diligence.
  • The “sawed off shotgun” that Brown had in his possession was a family heirloom passed down over generations and given back to Brown in 2018 when his brother tragically took his own life

Closing arguments will begin on Monday morning and jury will go into immediate deliberations.  Follow me on Truth Social @CannCon and here on The Gateway Pundit for updates as the trial concludes.

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