Sri Lankan Pancakes with Chicken Curry

By Home cook Sharmini Jayawardena 

This quantity of batter makes 15+ pancakes depending on how much batter you pour into the pan. This is enough for 2 persons. It’s a great dinner main course to be eaten with chicken curry, mutton curry or wild boar curry and other sides like dhal curry, seeni sambol or pol sambol.


3 cups all purpose flour (I used unbleached premium quality from Minnesota, USA)
3 free range eggs
250 ml coconut milk
250 ml water
Β½ tsp sea salt
Butter for greasing the pan

Ingredients: coconut milk, all purpose floor, eggs, butter
Prepping for the pancakes. 
Left to right: Sea salt, all purpose flour with eggs, coconut milk


1.Measure the flour into a deep bowl. Add the sea salt and mix together.

2.Add the eggs into the flour and mix.

3.Dilute the coconut milk in water to make a fairly thin coconut milk.

4.Add the coconut milk into the flour and egg mixture gradually, while stirring to arrive at a smooth batter.

Smooth batter

5.Continue adding the rest of the water and stir to get rid of all lumps. (You can put it all into the blender if you prefer that.)

6.Now, make the pancakes.

7.Use the pottaniya* or pieces of rag tied into a bundle for greasing the pan before pouring batter into it to make the pancakes. You must grease the pan using butter that is in the container holding the pottaniya before making each new pancake. After using the pottaniya let it cool and keep it covered in the refrigerator for the next use.

The pottaniya for greasing the pan with, prior to pouring the batter into the pan

8.Pour 3 spoons of (my) coconut shell spoon for making each pancake and turn the batter around the pan.

9.Leave on fire to bake the pancakes. Leave it on one side and turn it over on the other side and let it burn a bit.

10.Finish making all the pancakes and serve it with chicken curry.

11.You can have your dessert pancakes by spreading butter and jam on them. They are delicious.

Here is how I do the pancakes πŸ₯ž :

Check out these gorgeous pancakes with chicken curry πŸ› ⬇️

Made during Christmas of 2022 πŸŽ…πŸŽ„β€οΈ
Serve yourself a pancake and some chicken curry on to your plate and just go all in with your right hand and pitch into these pancakes soaking each piece of the pancake in the gravy as you go.
My coconut shell spoon or pol katu haendha (Sinhala)

πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ Here’s a dessert pancake for you  ⬇️

With butter and jam ! Yummmmm

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