Not Pay Reparation to Blacks But Pay Compensation To The J6 Political Prisoners and Their Families

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By Sharmini Jayawardena

UPDATED on 25th September 2023:

UPDATED on 20th September 2023:

UPDATED on 12th September 2023:

Recently, I’ve been reading some news items on reparation orders to Blacks being issued by the Biden Regime asking their various agencies to comply with. 

To begin with, no tax payer of today’s America is guilty of having committed any crimes of having held or enslaved anyone, may they be black or white, except for Biden himself and his Biden Administration, including up to and not only, the World Economic Forum !!!

Biden and his Regime are as of now holding nearly one thousand innocent Americans in inhumane conditions for no crimes committed in his dungeons of DC, now known as the American Gulag !

Biden and his Administration, including all members of the DNC or are guilty of having committed heinous crimes against innocent Americans just because they marched to The Capitol on January 6, 2021, to protest a stolen election. 

We the People of America were going to The Capitol and not going to leave until their grievances were met, that of decertifying the results of an illegally held Presidential Election. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of The House and other personnel responsible for the security of the building and the grounds decided not to do their duty to secure the building, on that day.

The defence and justice departments decided to plant moles or operatives in the crowd of patriots so as to create havoc from within the gathering. Leaf Blogazine abounds with evidence of all of this. 

It is more than evident that the slave drivers of today are none other than the Biden Regime and all of the members of the Democratic National Committee. There are also those of the GOP good old boys to contend with. They aid and abet in enslaving innocent patriotic American We the People.

The hidden agenda in all of this is of course money making/laundering, power brokering which ultimately leads to fame mongering, leading to more money making. These very people who are excited about paying reparations to blacks are also those who  enslaved the black slaves in past history. The ancestors of today’s democrats kept and owned slaves and were also members of the KKK or the Klu Klux Klan, whom they now persecute, calling them white supremacists. 

Due to the Democrats’ excessive bogus guilt about their past, they go on to identify all of the patriotic groups and members of these groups as white supremacists. These patriots are not even white to begin with !!! This goes to show once again not only that the Democrats walk around with blinkers on, but that they also know nothing about what’s going on in their own Country, nor do they choose to know.

Since the guilty conscience lies entirely with those who are guilty, it is they who must pay with their own personal funds of which they have a whole lot, having stolen from the USA for as long as they have been in government, and that’s a very long time and a whole lot of money. 

Having said that, to go to our first point of the present day, current slaves being enslaved in the DC and other dungeons, these Democrats seem to be very adept at the business of running slave camps and keeping people who have not committed any crimes under lock and key. This practice runs in their blood it seems, and we know the reason why this is so. They can’t seem to have enough of an appetite for what they have been brought up on. After all, their ancestors passed down the trait to them didn’t they, now !

So, how about the Biden Regime releasing all the American patriots who have not committed crimes, who are wrongfully incarcerated. when the Regime has released many hardcore multiple times convicted criminals out into society, in numerous Democrat run states, calling them “peaceful protesters” ? 

Now, why are the Republican and GOP hierarchy asking these questions in the important places ?! When is Kevin McCarthy going to address the burning issue of the Patriotic Political Prisoners now suffering untold harsh hardship in horrid conditions ? These are his constituents as well aren’t they, even though he may come from that sickly place called California ?

When are the Biden Regime and the Establishment going to address their own problem and dire need and thirst to keep a group of people under lock and key ? To what end ? When are they going to get psychological and psychiatric treatment for doing what they do and pay compensation/reparation to those whom they continue to enslave and to their families whom they have torn apart ?

Think about it, we are all for reparation if those who are guilty are willing to part with their recently and not so recently amassed booty through money laundering and other more insidious means. Not forgetting that they also confess to the American People of this very niggly sickness that lies gnawing within them and publicly apologize for having this sickness ingrained in their psyche ?

We also demand that you swear upon the Bible or other document that you, the guilty, shall never again commit the crime of enslaving people, animals or robots for any reason, ever again. That being said, when shall you, the guilty, be willing to part with your ill gotten gains to advance the lives of the ill-treated for over months on end ?

We the People of America need answers and quick answers as we are languishing in dungeons created by you, parted from our loved ones in the most tragic of manners possible, unable to fend for themselves as their bread winner is now cut off from them by a tyrannical Regime.

We demand adequate and total compensation for all the crimes committed against us and our families, NOW !!!! 

Let us hear some real talk, let’s walk the talk and walk the walk giving us some real money and not black money since you have now successfully laundered it.

When will you be honoring this very important demands of ours that will truly relieve us of this most excruciating pain that we are forced to suffer, right now ? We need answers fast and this time for once, don’t go to the fake media. Try to convey your pleasure in honoring our demand by a more reliable source, this time, so we can believe what you say.

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