To Be Or Not To Be Personal on the Internet Is The Question

In the Spotlight

By Quill 🪶 ‘n’ Inkpot

“To be, or not to be, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing end them.”

  • Centerpiece from Hamlet soliloquy of William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark..

That’s it ! I was told by one of my followers on social media that I should be personal, as in “show you …your blog is solid”.

He somehow figures out my Blogazine is not doing well in terms of a following just because my name is unknown. I said to him that this was intentional.

For starters, having considered myself a writer, some writers just as in other creative persons, are those who are committed to their subject matter, they even venture forth to assume not just one but multiple nom de plume for themselves.

I do believe that writers of worth do not seek prominence openly. Sometimes what they write may even affect them detrimentally. This is so especially if you are writing politically slanting content. It is always sensible to keep a low profile when writing on inflammatory and sensitive material. They may very well  just turn flammable! Therefore it is in the best interest of the writer to be prudent in this respect.

People may question the veracity of this by stating that it is a cowardly act to not show yourself for who you truly are.

Some of us may write purely for the sake of and for the purpose of disseminating what they believe to be the truth. They want to open up the minds of those who are still in the dark about what is truly going on in a place or a country, politically, economically and otherwise. There are others who can come across as whistleblowers. 

Whistleblowers need to take every precaution to protect their lives as they have now come out and disclosed their identity in public, and disclosed secret material. Until this is deemed possible by the organization to which they have opened up, it is always in the best interest of a whistleblower to maintain more than a modicum of anonymity, until protection is given to them from people and organizations on their side.

To move on to a different angle, If you look at designer clothes, jewelry and other accessories, you will find the models modelling the designers’ creations on the catwalks getting all of the attention parading those gorgeous clothes and jewelry, on and off the numerous fashion shows. The designers of the clothes make an appearance at the end of each show all too casually dressed in their black t-shirts and pants, making that single round on the catwalk !

Nobody notices this person who created the clothing line. His face may or may not be recognizable to the world at large by the world at large. The allure of the creator in this case becomes more eminent, the more he shuns the limelight. It is a kind of finesse that is entirely and not entirely unique to the designers of designer brands alone.

That having been said, some writers themselves may avoid or abhor the center stage or the spotlight being focused on them, simply because they find it chic to do so. Has my follower ever thought of this ?!

Further, speaking of social media, it might not be a good idea at all to seek attention on social media, more than it already affords you. This is so even for the ordinary person, due to the fact that it gives you unnecessary exposure to the public. Unless of course you keep your social media accounts private. Unless of course you seek prominence where you cannot get any elsewhere. They do say that social media is the red carpet for the untalented !

Most of the time the attention you get on the Internet maybe technology generated and therefore not real and some of it may be android generated to begin with !

“With the advent of AI. Imagine a sign up service where you can talk to a very attractive young woman and she’s an AI. She can be as attractive as you want her to be and tuned in to your preferences. Machine women hybrids. You’re not a woman anymore if you’re in a million men’s bedrooms at the same time. It’s not virtualized as an android but the idea is still clear. It’s obviously a mirage and it’s one that’s purchased.” 

– Jordan B. Peterson Interviews Louise Perry on her book, The Case Against The Sexual Revolution and her podcast about sexual politics, Maiden, Mother, Matriarch.

To move on to the second part of what my follower stated about himself this time, that being him having “sex with thousands of women on the Internet” just because he is up close and personal ! I guess I have replied to that statement with what Jordan Peterson has to say. Furthermore, I’m not trying to entice a bunch of men nor women !

He may think he’s getting to have sex with thousands of women, while they may or may not be purchased, but they are definitely in thousands of people’s bedrooms and are most likely technology generated. In effect they may not even be real. But I didn’t want to burst his bubble.

Here’s the deal though on the Internet, for all of the rough shod rides it has given us, like in the case of denying us our right to free speech for instance, the usual disinformation bs, besides the android generation, it has also being a place where people have found real partners in life !

I know I digress, but the reality is such. As one friend said to me, “It’s all too real”, even though it is categorized as virtual. It all boils down to what you expect to get from being online. As a writer, to get back to my first point, are you looking to gain publicity at all cost ? In which case you can parade yourself in which ever way and however you want.

It all depends on whom you consider as your target group or target market. What is the demographic? So, if you are in it for the sex or the money you gain from showcasing sex, then so may it be. But if you are serious about serious stuff like fighting for your first amendment rights which is the right to free speech, then so may it be.

You can sell yourself in order to sell your right to free speech, you will definitely get a huge following. I’ve seen this happen often online. But these are as I mentioned before, the untalented who make up for the lack of intellectual prowess by showing themselves out there. It is not the real deal however, it is done merely  to make up for that lack.

You don’t see the men doing the same thing. Now that is a real show stopper I must say. Men just lay down the facts there with minimal distraction, for you to make up your own mind. They will make covert or overt sexual innuendos, which is admirable. It requires a certain amount of grey matter to do so. They are just not exhibitionists. Period. Let’s just say there are few untalented men in that sense. Therefore exhibitionism is a ploy employed by the untalented women alone. This however is all good adult entertainment and very little or nothing of anything else.

On that note, let me say on this Women’s Day, it is no wonder Feminism came about, however forced it may have been. There was a deliberate need to make women think. Let’s say they wanted to disprove that Men are from Jupiter, Women are from Venus. (With apologies to John Gray, Ph.D.) Btw, I lay no claims to having read the book, but I’ve heard much about it.

My follower also goes on to say that his friends seem to think I am a man and that I’m of indochinese ethnicity. I see all of it as giving credence to my anonymity, which I have taken great pains establishing, which is entirely a good thing. It also proves my point that there are no untalented men out there, putting their thoughts across to the rest of the world. 

If you yourself are not taking what you say about serious stuff seriously, then who will ???

This may be one reason why for so long the opposition to the socialist milieu, meaning the conservatives, have not been able to win their case. They have not been successful in conveying their message of freedom from tyranny, for example, for such a long period of time, possibly due to this very reason. Half of them, the better half to be exact, have appealed to the Peoples’ libido and not to their intellect. Each and everyone out there has turned themselves into citizen journalists not actually knowing what it means to be so, nor what it all entails.

If you want to change the way people think, then you have to think with your brain and not with your c-word. Not only that, you must also appeal to the brains or the intellect of your audience. If you go on to appeal to their libido, then you run the risk of not achieving your goal of disseminating the truth. If that is your intent. You are asking for trouble in the sense of not achieving what you set out to achieve in the first place, i.e. conveying a serious message.

Let me end my question with another question – How serious are you in doing what you set out to do ? How serious are you in putting the truth out there ?

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