PLEASE: Email YOUR Words of Encouragement to the Proud Boys on Trial in DC Kangaroo Court! Defendants Await Verdict Next Week! EASY INSTRUCTIONS IN ARTICLE!

In the Spotlight

By Cara Castronuova Apr. 13, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit 

The Proud Boys trial is coming closer to an end as defendants took the stand this week and attorneys prepare for closing statements early next week. After that, twelve D.C. jurors will decide the fate of these five men and to a certain extent the future of the First Amendment. These twelve likely liberal jurors were subjected to four months of listening to the lies of the Department of Justice and their conspiracy theory that a drinking fraternity conspired to overthrow democracy.

“I hope these jurors realize the weight that is carried on their shoulders,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “I pray they are able to see past their political differences and come back with a fair verdict- NOT GUILTY. If they come back with a Guilty verdict on Seditious Conspiracy, then that means the end of the First Amendment right to protest and Due Process as we know it.”

Sources tell us the defendant’s spirits are down as judgement by a jury of the of their “peers” comes closer.

YOU CAN WRITE THE PROUD BOYS RIGHT NOW! DOWNLOAD THE SECURUS APP from you App Store on your phone or device to send these men prayers and let them know that they are not forgotten. You can also access Securus from a computer browser. See instructions below!  (*The five defendants names are Joseph Biggs, Zach Rehl, Dominic Pezzola, Ethan Nordean and Enrique “Henry” Tarrio and the prison they are is Alexandria Detention Center in the state of Virginia.)

The five Proud Boys are in the fight of their lives in the D.C Kangaroo Court. You can send them messages and words of encouragement via an electronic app called the Securus App.

You can contact Securus for help with setting up an account to send messages to prisoners.

*You can write them electronically on the Securus app- see detailed instructions below in body of article and HERE:

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