Are YOU a PAWN in their game or will YOU listen BEFORE It’s too Late?

By Don T. Mashak

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot


The masses world wide need to start thinking of all these different things happening in the world as a chess game.

The masses need to be able to think a couple moves ahead of the current move whether it be migration, race wars, sex wars, fuel prices or food prices…

This Cynical Patriot suggests you judge each of these and other events relative to his suggested prediction of end goal of the 3 rich old white guys…. Rothschild, Rockefeller and Soros.

These 3 are pushing the end goal of a New World Order under One World Government. This was originally the vision of the Rothschilds circa 1900…. They are pushing this end goal in the guise of both Progressive Globalism and the World Economic Forum.

This New World Order envisions humanity as a single, social organism, like honey bees. They intend the masses will be expendable worker bees with no rights, who exist only to serve the Progressive Globalist Hive Community as directed by the rich King and Queen Bees. They intend to move towards this end goal via “Gradualism” warfare. Gradualism calls for slow, covert infiltration of a society over generations so no 1 generation experiences enough change to feel threatened and take up arms to protect themselves. Battles in Gradualism warfare are far different from those in traditional warfare.

One of their related goals is vast depopulation premised on climate change and robots reducing the number of humans needed to support the rich elites in the lifestyle they currently enjoy.

However, the masses in most countries of the world won’t let them decree 1 child only, as China did over about 20 years. (Which resulted in huge demographic issues).

So how can they “legally” reduce the worlds population?

By increasing food prices…. People will choose to have few kids based on high food prices. But they can’t just increase food prices without a reason the masses will accept. People give the sink eye to too many food processing plants being mysteriously destroyed.

So they make their impact by implementing regulations and policies which make it harder for anyone (mostly farmers) to create as much or more food as they have in the past…

One of their main vectors of attack to achieve their depopulation goals is against farmers. The EU has been cutting the amount of fertilizer in half…. Soon this vector of attack will be expanded to cover the world.

If you have a better explanation of why all these draconian government laws are being implemented against the worlds’ masses, I would love to hear them.

I believe as you attempt to predict the “chess move” purpose of each new government policy around the world, you will come to the conclusion my predicted end game is accurate.

The question is, what chess moves are the masses going to make to defeat this evil plan of these 3 rich, old white guys?

Those were my thoughts. 

Thank you for your time. 

In Liberty, 
Don Mashak 
The Cynical Patriot 

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