THEY KNEW–FOIA Emails Sent To Daily Clout Team Reveal WH/CDC/NIH KNEW Covid Shots Were Causing Deadly Blood Clots And Myocarditis In MAY 2021—Senior WH Team Colluded To LIE To The American People

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Naomi Wolf: “It’s So Huge. I Hope You’re All Sitting Down.”
23 SEP 2023

Found through Against Tyranny on Telegram: #SIMUniversity ‼️☄️❗️AMERICA NEEDS TO BE PURGED ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️🔥🔥🔥🔥 TREASON & MASS MURDERS WAS JUST A NORMAL DAY IN AMERICA.  We need #FiringSquads & #Gallows RIGHT NOW❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

Via Daily Clout

“Dr. Fauci lied and lied and lied subsequent to this crisis meeting. They knew that they were lying.” 

“The White House Is freaking out. Freaking out.”

“Blood clots, lung clots, leg clots, problems with platelets, clots in your brain…They know it’s happening…These are scientists and message people. This is the message shop.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this in the history of our country.”

—Naomi Wolf, interview here, describing the bombshell work of her colleagues, Amy Kelly and attorney Edward Berkovich.



Amy Kelly article here. 

My friend Kristina Borjesson just made the point that NOW what has to happen next is litigation by FOIA expert attorneys to get those 46 pages UNREDACTED. 

This is my thought: 

Every American citizen must be given access to this complete set of communications, and the guilty must be prosecuted in a special court arranged by the victims’ families. 

Do not let this go by as more of the same—it is indeed a bombshell but in addition—it contains yet to be detonated secondary bombs that we REALLY need to get hold of. 

WHAT do those 46 redacted pages traced to the WH say? We must refuse to wait for this, and refuse to be gaslit or guilt tripped by some smug Press Secretary condescendingly telling us she’s “…not going there,” or “…not doing it.”

SPREAD The Kelly-Berkovich report and the Wolf interview on The War Room (all linked here) far and wide, assuming upon review, you agree how significant this is. 

Our cynicism, our battle fatigue, our information overload, provides free passage for very dangerous criminals, murderers, to put it bluntly, whose time is now over.

Everybody must unite to get those 46 pages UNREDACTED by way of “emergency” litigation, (since they used “emergency” use authorization to bypass all safety and efficacy research, to get “shots into arms” in 2021.)

Following $4.6 trillion in HHS spending. 

Who took what bribes? You can read all about ithere. (Started us off with a direct link to “Media Partners,” at the perfectly vile site

Look over the 3907 “Media Partners,” who all took the Covid Propaganda funds, and parroted their deadly “messaging.” (Dr. James Thorp alerted me to the “Covid Community Corps,’ parallel propaganda economy.) 

The only Presidential candidate who even speaks this language—who understands exactly what this is, and could redress it, at the highest level, is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

I have never raised money or even tried to help any Presidential candidate, but in the month of September, I agreed to be a grassroots fundraiser and TRY to raise $1000 for Kennedy24, by Sept 30. 

I’ve been so busy with the James Thorp book I am co-authoring that I put it off until the last moment, but here’s this: 

If you have been thinking of making a donation of any size to Kennedy24, and have not yet done so, please consider donating by way of my grassroots linkhere.

Thank you. And thank you Naomi Wolf, Amy Kelly, and Edward Berkovich, for what you did, on behalf of us all. 

—Celia Farber

Imported comment imported from Rumble:

“Look into the eyes of the parents of any of the following dead children. Do you think they would trade a “billion dollars” to have their dead child back in their arms?: 

Family in Shock After Their Healthy 21-Year-Old Son Dies Suddenly In His Sleep 21 year old dies in sleep

Mother Loses Only Child Just Weeks After Pfizer Shots – The Michelle Moore Show (VIDEO) 

“They are Killing Us All With This Now” – Argentinian Mother Outraged After Losing Her 8-Year-Old Daughter After Receiving COVID Vaccine 

Tragic: Fully Vaccinated and Boosted 6-Year-Old Child Dies Suddenly

THEY MURDERED HIS LITTLE SISTER WITH THE 1ST DOSE OF PFIZER DEATH VAX: PFIZER COVID DEATH VAX MURDERING CHILDREN: 3 YEARS GIRL TAKES DEATH VAX FOR KINDERGARTEN: 3-Year-Old Suffers Massive Heart Attack In Colombia (2023) 6-Year-Old Canadian Child Dies Suddenly After Suffering “Massive Stroke” – Doctor Diagnosed her with 

“Myocarditis due to the Flu” 

8-Year-Old Girl Passed Away Suddenly After Receiving The Covid-19 Vaccine (Sensitive Content) ..

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