Sardines On Toast: Canapé

2nd July 2024

By Homecook Sharmini Jayawardena 

These are to die for !

Sardines on toast with white bread and tomato relish. Beautifully decorated with English parsley. 

This is a family favourite. A hors d’oeuvre that has stayed with us through the years and within the families. This is the go to solution in a crunch. You can easily have the canned sardines on hand in your larder and bring it out to impress your guests or to have a fun time at home. 

Here are three different ways of making them.

Sardines on toast with white bread and tomato sauce. The authentic 😋. A firm favourite.

Here’s how you make these:

1.Trim the edges of slices of bread and cut them in half, lengthwise.

2.Toast the bread in the toaster so that they are hard to the touch.

3.When the toast is done, remove from the toaster and apply butter on it.

 4.Place half a sardine, (in olive oil), on each piece of toast.

5.Run a thick line of tomato sauce/ tomato relish/  sweet chilli sauce, over it.

6.Wash and decorate with rosettes of English parsley. (Optional). The parsley has a fine licorice flavour which cuts the fishiness of the sardines and compliments the Hors d’oeuvre. 

7.Enjoy !

Waiting to be devoured. On white bread with tomato relish which I think is the most delicious as the relish complements and does not overpower the flavour of the sardines.

On toasted sprouted grass bread and sweet chilli sauce. An exotic cluster.

To be devoured !

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