We Build The Wall

By Sharmini Jayawardena

President Trump in his Republican Convention 2020 speech reiterated that most of The Wall is built and The Wall will be completed soon.

President Trump confirms that The Wall is being Built at an unexpected rate, at 0 :19 : 50


While I was watching the President’s RNC2020 Speech, I was commenting as follows:
BRAVO 🎊 BRAVO 🎉BRAVO 🎈 at six relavent places and guess what, I found all comments deleted by Facebook with not even a warning ⚠️ except that they continue to have a permanent warning at the bottom of my page threatening to ban my account once again‼️‼️‼️

I don’t see my above comment, BRAVO 🎊BRAVO 🎉 BRAVO 🎈, going against any norms and even remotely going against their “COMMUNITY STANDARDS”, here‼️‼️‼️

Does Facebook even know the meaning of
the word BRAVO or the usage of BRAVO 🎊 BRAVO 🎉 BRAVO 🎈⁉️⁉️⁉️



They are stalking me on Facebook and Instagram since ZUCKERBUGGER now owns both ‼️‼️‼️

At a time when President Trump’s effort to build the wall was stymied in Congress; when they refused to pass the funds to build the wall, Brian Kolfage’s answer came as a happy and ready solution.

Moving on to the Dems pulling out their next failed flash card, this being the Building the wall operation ‼️

I was watching:

I was making relavent comments while watching this very revealing and detailed to the truth segment on Brian Kolfage’s Facebook. I guess the stalkers hounding me on Facebook, both human and bot came unhinged 😆

My comments went as far as saying that since the liberals have got the ball rolling, we could investigate the following:

📌 Investigate how Obama procured two mansions for himself in exclusive areas, in eight years!
📌 Investigate both Obama and Clinton Foundations
📌 Investigate the DNC

I also made the following comment:

📌This building the wall operation is yet another distraction tactic of the Dems. Keep your eye on the ball people, #TRUMP2020.
📌First it was this and then it was that and Kavanaugh and their fishing expedition, Impeach Trump and mass murders and when WeThePeople taught they were done and pulled all the stops, bam 💥 they come up with the building the wall operation!




Both Brian Kolfage and Stephen Bannon are innocent. The due process of the law will prove it beyond a doubt.

This building the wall operation by the DEMTARDS is nothing but yet another witch hunt. It’s the Democrats being their ugly selves once again hoping to derail the Republicans, but failing miserably in their attempt to do so. The DEMTARDS are pissing themselves silly in their sorry ass blue pants 👖👖, doing so.

They are truly revealing themselves for who they truly are in their looting and murdering of innocent Americans on the streets, showing absolutely no remorse for their criminal actions ‼️‼️‼️

The due process of the law will expose the DEMTARDS for who they are. And that is 👉🏽 A bunch of treasonous anti-American dinosaurs 🦕 🦖 ‼️

LockThemAllUpAndThrowAwayTheKey 🔒🔑

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